Sunday, August 11, 2013

Stupid Thy Name Is Woman

I really thank Shakespeare for penning those immortal words.
Of course Shakespeare's original read "frailty", but that won't stop me from altering it slightly to fit the latest gaffe coming from the Empowered Womankind.

Here is the lovely Stephanie Bannister, who must now go down in history as the woman too stupid to differentiate beteween a country and a religion.
Yes. she is the one who thought Islam was a country, fudged the word "haram" (forbidden in Arabic) with the Koran, and thought Jesus was the object of worship in Judaism.

As my fellow blogger MarkyMark would say, you cannot make up such stonking stupidity - read the Islam Gaffe article on the BBC for yourself.

And this woman was running an election bid (!!!!).
She comes from the anti-immigration One Nation party.
The same party which, years ago, fielded Pauline Hanson - she of the fish-and-chip shop turned politican wannabe and had unripe tomatoes hurled at her when she tried to lionise the Aborigines.

Maybe this Bannister woman will get it next time.
Except there is no next time for such unremitting stupidity.


Friday, August 09, 2013

Boycott KFC!

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has decided to jump on the feminist bandwagon - they think using violence will sell their new Hot Shot Bites like hotcakes.
Their lame excuse for this new product ad shows a woman trying the snack, then slapping a man across the face (!!)
Apparently the ad has already generated a shitstorm of complaints. KFC's reply, FWIW, is the sort of lame-ass fudging that answers and accomplishes nothing. One of KFC's attorneys even had the temerity to think that "the smack in the commercial was a metaphor with the smack of the flavor." He fell into a vapid silence when asked, point-blank if he found it acceptable were the roles to be reversed.
It should also be remembered that KFC have stirred controversy before, about 3 years ago, when they airily claimed that a bucket of chicken was all that was needed to silence an angry black mob.

This tasteless commercial has already aired and can been seen on Youtube too, although I haven't seen in Singapore. Yet.
But that's because I stopped watching TV anyway.
Here's the commercial - if you can abide to watch it.

What shall we do about this?
Can we do anything?
Hell, YES!! You can:
At the end of the day, what might actually work is the good old boycott.
Yes, you may say that we have threatened boycotts before but to no avail if the larger public keeps on patronising said products.
To me that's no big deal. KFC in Singapore is a salty, greasy, inedible mess nothing like what the good Colonel originally envisioned..
But think of the ripple effect - we who boycott tell people to do so, they go on to tell others and it should spread like wildfire.
Hopefully KFC will see their profits plunge and back down.
Oh and an apology would be nice, but that is as New Wave band China Crisis might say, its just wishful thinking.


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sex, lies and videotape (sort of)

I haven't posted in a while as I changed jobs, moved house and had a computer meltdown! Ugh!
I have been reading the news feeds though, thanks to smartphones and phablets, both of which I own and some snippets caught my eye.

1. Karima el-Mahroug a.k.a. Ruby the Heart Stealer

This woman lied about her involvement with Silvio Berlusconi - read it here and here.
Now the question I have is why? Even more so, will anyone believe women anymore, much less wanting nothing to do with them than a 10-foot barge pole?

2. Christine Lagarde and Lois Lerner
The current head of IMF, who pipped Dominique Strauss-Kahn to the job, is under investigation for monies paid to Bernard Tapie when she was Finance Minister. The BBC reports that she will "be made an assisted witness in the case ... but is not directly under suspicion" (see this and this). The only thing I find suspicious is why the downgrade? She authorized the payout, she should be held responsible. Or is this another, albeit subtle, example of the Pussy Pass at work again. Or should that be tan vieux chatte?

Likewise Lois Lerner, who invoked the Fifth Amendment to avoid being questioned in court over her role in the IRS scandal.

3. Sally Bercow a.k.a. Wife from Hell
This one trumps the Stupidity Awards. To sum it up, Sally Bercow deliberately made a tweet which linked a leading Conservative politician - Lord McAlpine - to a sex abuse claim (read it here and here). Worse, she denied her tweet was defamatory for more than half a year. The court found her guilty of libel and ordered her to settle. The terms of the settlement were not publicized, but I hope it was sufficiently large to teach her a hard lesson, deflate her ego and mollify an outraged Peer. After the case was publicized she went on a mea culpa offensive of "regret" and "being sorry" and wanting to warn users of social media ... yadda yadda yadda. Typical female stupidity - act first, think later. Stupid Cow!

I can't help but wonder why the UK is still held in relatively high regard with the number of blitheringly stupid and/or arrogant female MPs they have on the government payroll - Harriet Harman, Sally Bercow, Hazel Blears, Theresa May, Jacqui Smith, Yvette Cooper, Vicky Pryce, Nadine Dorries, Maria Miller, Anne Widdecombe .. and the list goes on. I hereby propose that the national anthem be changed to "God Save Engliand".


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Women ARE Stupid -The Irrefutable Proof V

stupida donna!
stupide femme!
dümmste Frau!
बेवकूफी महिला !

Adria Richards - whose lovely femishit face you see above, has been fired from her cushy position at SendGrid for tweeting remarks she overheard at a conference.
Basically what she heard was none of her bloody business, but shit-for-brains Adria Richards decided to make it her business. She tweeted the remarks, got a man fired, was fired herself and now is the mockery of the entire online world.
And lest you think she's a victim/martyr, she's not above making crude tweets herself -

Maybe she'll get it next time.
Except I don't see a next time for her - I hope she never ever gets employed again.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Ugly Face of Feminism - (3)


Amanda Marcotte ranks number 3 on Return of Kings post The 9 Ugliest Feminists in America, and is best known for blogging as well as for her writing on feminism and politics.

She drew criticism for her views on the Duke Lacrosse case, leading journalist Cathy Young to describe her as a leader of a "cyber-lynch mob," and that, "in Marcotte's eyes, the real crime of the independent feminists is helping preserve the idea that the presumption of innocence applies even in cases of rape and sexual assault." The post attracted so much negative commentary, including from The New York Times, that Marcotte ended up deleting it.

She also managed to get herself fired from the John Edwards campaign, after her comments on Catholic Church drew fire from both Bill Donahue and the Catholic League - they called her review of the film Children of Men "anti-Christian".

She also managed to get in trouble with her published books. In 2008, her book It's a Jungle Out There: The Feminist Survival Guide to Politically Inhospitable Environments came under fire for having a cover image perpetuating racist tropes. When the book was released, it again set off controversy in the feminist blogosphere for use of images that many saw as racist: the illustrations included stereotypical images of "savage" black Africans being beaten up by a white, blonde, superhero, described as "racist cartoons of 'natives' in a jungle setting." Marcotte was forced to issue an apology, and to agree that a second printing of It's a Jungle Out There would not contain illustrations.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Britain’s most famous female judge ‘lied about leaking Chris Huhne speeding points story to the press’, Vicky Pryce trial is told.

  • Constance Briscoe was arrested for ‘lying to police’
  • Court hears she helped Vicky Pryce to tell journalists about the story
  • Briscoe can ‘no longer be relied upon as a witness of truth’ because of lies
  • She remains under investigation by the police

The lovely liar - Constance Briscoe

Constance Briscoe (pictured) was arrested after telling police she had not been in contact with the media about the story
Britain’s top black female judge is being investigated by police for allegedly lying about her involvement in leaking the Chris Huhne speeding points story to the press, a court heard today.
Constance Briscoe, a friend of Vicky Pryce, was arrested after telling police she had not been in contact with the media about the story, when it later appeared that she had, Pryce’s retrial heard today.
Pryce, 60, denies perverting the course of justice, claiming Huhne coerced her into taking three points for him in 2003.
Last week a jury failed to reach a verdict in Pryce’s trial, prompting a retrial at Southwark Crown Court which started yesterday.
The court has heard Pryce, helped by Briscoe, told journalists about the story to get revenge on Huhne after he left her for PR adviser Carina Trimingham in June 2010.
Prosecutor Andrew Edis QC today read jurors a statement from Detective Inspector Martin Passmore explaining why certain people had not been called as witnesses in the case.
‘Ms Briscoe has provided statements to the police in this case but during the investigation it became apparent that she may have lied about her involvement with the press and that she denied having any contact with the Mail on Sunday or any other media organisation in relation to this story,’ his statement said.
‘Ms Pryce has not been arrested or interviewed in relation to that allegation. For this reason Ms Briscoe has been arrested and is currently under investigation by the police.
‘Ms Briscoe could therefore no longer be relied upon as a witness of truth and on October 2, 2012 the Crown Prosecution Service took the decision not to call Ms Briscoe to give evidence in the case.’
Yesterday Mr Edis told the court Ms Briscoe was a friend and neighbour of Pryce.
‘She was a neighbour of Vicky Pryce in those days and I think she had also had a difficulty in her marriage and they appear to have got closer to each other,’ he said.
‘The two of them appear to have cooked up a plan to go and see the press about Huhne and taking points. They started it together by approaching a man called Andrew Alderson.’
(extracted from WMASAW - full original post here)

Why won't they ever learn that filling top tier positions based on (smelly) female plumbing will only get you grief?


Femmie Ridicule

I am in the mood to ridicule something today, and femicunts are right in my line of sight.
I am also making good one of my new year resolutions - and that would be to fire as many potshots as I can into the enemy camp.
Like a sniper I can do damage. Not much since I am only one man in a far corner of the East. But I do what I can to help the cause.

So without further ado.
The following extracts were spotted from amongst the comments from a blog article entitled The 9 Ugliest Feminists in America.
If anyone does not believe the storm of hatred coming for the femmies, they better watch out! The backlash, when it (finally) comes, is going to be SPECTACULAR!
Let's not forget that men manufactured those M&Ms and the Ben&Jerry's that these little lardlettes feast upon.
No more sitting your fat ass on a pillow a man paid for, in a house he paid for, using food he bought to make him (and yourself) a sandwich so you could wax poetic about how hard you have it and sing sad songs of your oppression.
Which is very true. Today's femicunt bashes men and calls for male suppression from her (male invented) computer, run by (male discovered) electricity; she clothes her lardball body in (male-designed and male manufactured) clothes' gorges herself on (male-planted and male-harvested) food; lives and works in (male created and male designed) houses and buildings; then preaches her male hate from the (male invented) platform of the World Wide Web.

This is easy to counter. The next time a femistink, any femistink, bashes men, then turns around and expects you to do something for her, you stare her in the eye, utter the single word "Nope" and walk away. Or better still, tell her "Yo femicunt, do it yourself!" and walk away.