Sunday, March 24, 2013

Women ARE Stupid -The Irrefutable Proof V

stupida donna!
stupide femme!
dümmste Frau!
बेवकूफी महिला !

Adria Richards - whose lovely femishit face you see above, has been fired from her cushy position at SendGrid for tweeting remarks she overheard at a conference.
Basically what she heard was none of her bloody business, but shit-for-brains Adria Richards decided to make it her business. She tweeted the remarks, got a man fired, was fired herself and now is the mockery of the entire online world.
And lest you think she's a victim/martyr, she's not above making crude tweets herself -

Maybe she'll get it next time.
Except I don't see a next time for her - I hope she never ever gets employed again.


ScareCrow said...

Brutal honesty - exactly what is needed.

I am glad you are doing these...

Anonymous said...

Ha-ha. Futrelle's having a fit over this femihag's firing. I wonder if he'd let her work at Manboobz though? NOT.