Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Patriotism? ... NOT!!!

Ironic that it has to be on the eve of National Day that one has a brush with Bitchville.
The bitch in question was one fat, saggy specimen who was probably way past her "sell by date". This sorry creature pushed and elbowed her way through the queue in 7-11 before mock-sincerely asking, and in Mandarin no less! if you were queuing as well. And had the temerity to be offended when I gave her a disdainful look, exclaiming loudly to all and sundry 'how rude I was' (!!!). In such cases, sarcasm is totally wasted such a low-brow. And the only real answer is - which was what I dealt her - to mutter about how obliviously rude she is in return and to walk out. Not only did I deal this coup but it was delivered in English, to her horror!
I've noticed that the local women seem to think they have carte blanche when it comes to doing things their way; one too many episodes of Desperate Housewives I think - thank God the current season is over! I should blame this too on the media and local men pandering to their already bloated egos. I'm all in favour of the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) but it must be accompanied by the ECA (Equal Convictions Amendment) - hear hear! Certainly if this state of affairs is allowed to continue and 'blame the man even if it is my stupid bloody mistake in the first place', then God (oops! goddess ...) defend the nation!
Anyway, not all is lost and there are a few exceptions to the case, and of course exceptions to the exceptions. A few of my closest friends have remarked that I 'look different' - must be the year away from teaching the Civil Service. The attached photo shows me in Malacca with my buddy Mark and the pic was taken with his camera. We were tired of walking Jonker Street and had sat down in a quaint coffeeshop for a 'cuppa'. It was extremely amusing to find that we are so weaned on Singaporeanisms that wallets were whipped out when the coffee came, to be met with quizzical looks. Then it dawned on us that in Malacca the old ways were held - you paid on your way out!
That was a recent photo and should give all you guys a better idea of what I look like now!

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