Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blaming ALL Feminists is BAD!!

Oh yeah?

I came across this whilst searching for quotes to enliven my next few posts when I came across this. Its from a blog called Hunting For Archetypes ( and its a good read, albeit somewhat inflammatory. A private message was attacked and the attack is summarized as: "Real" feminists (from the early 20th century) would vomit acid if they knew what would happen to "their" movement. The people calling themselves that today are usually vile people who hijacked a noble cause. Therefore, it's unfair to label all feminists as being the same."

Here is the blogger's response to that attack. Enjoy!

Well, it's "actual Feminists" tough luck then, because present day Feminists are female-supremacist manhaters, and their reputation is well earned, and will only get worse (I hope and pray)।

The ideology, and more importantly the RESULTS of the ideology, are destructive, divisive, sexist, and morally repugnant. Adherence to feminist principles has led to laws and policies which have almost completely succeeded in sundering society right down gender lines, with two-tier citizenship in all but name.

I don't care one iota if hundreds or even thousands of "good feminists" are "unfairly" slighted by inclusion. If they were such "good Feminists" they wouldn't have allowed this to happen. Failing that, they would be ACTIVELY supporting men's rights organizations, rather than submitting them to a tortuous propaganda smear job.

The proof is in the pudding, and quite frankly NONE (and I'm dead serious when I say this), absolutely none of you have shown any way in which women are actually "oppressed", and I can show inequality ENSHRINED IN LAW against men....and you say "that's justified" by Patriarchy Theory. Fair enough, I say "prove it" since all these things were done in the name of this theory.

Know what?

NONE of you ever have. Not one of you can even explain what it means beyond a vague "men are in charge" definition. None of you can show a single benefit of any importance to men as a result of societal bias, let alone socially condoned behaviour or even law. There's PLENTY of evidence of it going the other way though.

So do I think every single person who self-identifies as a Feminist deserves to be lumped in with the "extremists"?

You bet your ass I do.

I think that says it all doesn't it? Onward!

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Anonymous said...

Bravo...that counter-arguement was well expressed. I can't really add anything to it, except to say that the "good" feminist's invective amounts to little more than whining of the sort we are all so used to. At worst, it is just another attempt, feeble as it is, to try to divide and conquer. Men are finally getting the message, and rebelling against the blitzkrieg that has been on-going for the last fifty years, and it's got them scared. They usurped the ideologies of freedom and fairness, and mutated them into the horrors they are today. It clearly isn't working out the way they wanted.

Men are no longer slaves to the favors of women. It's about time, I say.