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Cornwall Community News Rips Feminism a New One

I was alerted of this from The Counter Feminist:

Its worth reading several times to get the full import of it -
Note: Keep firmly in mind that Harriet Harman is one of the worst Pieces of Shit this century has ever produced.
That she is still allowed to spread her filth and lies is stupefying.

The full story and videos are reproduced below before "they" find a way to take it down:
(Reproduced from The Cornwall Community News)

A massive onslaught of hate propaganda aimed at men will hit local media this week.
The local police and council have been orchestrating ‘Domestic Abuse Awareness Week’ for months.
Over the next seven days they will be sending out a volley of inaccurate claims and statistics to the local press designed to make headlines.
That means TV, radio, and the local papers will all be full of what will sound like facts and figures suggesting Cornwall is full of violent men, and beaten women.
They’re all lies. .
Even the hallowed ‘1 in 4 people are a victim of domestic abuse’ statistic is a lie, and here’s how.
The truth behind the lies of ‘Domestic Abuse Week’ .
Violence in the home is all but non-existent.
In the very rare cases it does happen, forty per-cent of the time, it is not men but women who beat up their partners at home..
Neither 1 in 4 people nor 1 in 4 women suffer what any reasonable person would ever class as ‘domestic abuse’.
The last Labour Government paid to have this statistic cooked up.
In 2005, the Home Office paid an American feminist at Royal Holloway and Bedford College £3million for ‘a review of domestic violence’.
She produced a report which broke down the word ‘domestic violence’ and gave it new definitions which were nothing to do with violence at all.
They included:
‘Watching her’
‘Telling her children things she doesn’t want them to know’
‘Criticising her appearance’
‘Sending her unwanted gifts.’
‘Ignoring her’
‘Refusing to have sex with her’
‘Denying her sexuality’
The definitions effectively covered anything and everything – and, it’s worth repeating, had nothing to do with ‘abuse’ or ‘violence’.
Armed with these dreamed up criteria, the College did a survey – not of women at large – but of women in domestic violence refuges.
This meant the research was unrepresentative to start with.
But added to that – because of the wacky criteria they’d just invented for ‘domestic abuse’ – if the researchers got a negative reply to questions about being beaten, they simply kept on, and asked if the interviewee had ever been criticised or ignored.
Incredibly, three out of four women still said ‘No’.
That means that the real ‘domestic abuse’ statistic this:
‘3 out of 4 women in womens refuges say no man every did anything unpleasant to them ever at all.’!
The false figure – that ‘1 in 4’ have suffered abuse – isn’t true at all because the word ‘abuse’ does not actually mean what it says: its meaning has been twisted and its truth stretched – beyond recognition – to mean just being ‘ignored’ or ‘watched’, or even ‘confused’.
London School of Economics Psychologist Oliver Curry explained: “When the ‘1 in 4’ domestic abuse statistic is boiled down, it means this.
“That one in four women over the course of their lives will be ignored for a period of time by their partners.”
He remarked: “It’s unfortunate if energy directed towards solving a really serious problem is dissipated on things like that.”
Founding feminist Erin Pizzey was the first woman in Britain to recognise genuine cases of violence against women.
Erin founded the first UK womens refuge: but she now campaigns for mens rights and speaks out against the ‘domestic abuse’ industry.
She says her genuine attempts to do good were hijacked by man-hating feminists, and that modern ‘domestic abuse’ industry is a dangerous racket.
She explained: “The problem is that the classification for domestic violence covers all acts.
“And the problem with that is you end up with the entire population of Britain in prison.”

She added: “False allegations of domestic violence are common, and they’re used a fast track to a divorce, in order to immediately obtain the home, and child custody.”
Here’s Canadian senator Ann Cools speaking out on the ‘nonsense’ that comes out of Womens Refuges, and how poor and inaccurate the research is.

The new UK Government promised to cut wasteful public spending like the £3million handed out to the dishonest feminist researchers by Labour in 2005.
In fact it’s done very little to stop the millions going to politically correct groups, instead asking councils to decide where to make cuts, leaving the local authorities to cut vital facilities , then moan about how terrible the cuts are.
Cornwall and Devon are still packed with publicly subsidised feminist groups whose primary job it is to repeat these old lies about ‘domestic violence’.
Take ‘AVDA’ – the special anti domestic violence unit within Devon County Council which is behind the police ‘Domestic Abuse Week’.
Look at their homepage, and you’ll see they’ve gone one step beyond carefully skewing research: they’ve just plain made up a load more definitions.
According to ‘AVDA’, if a man ‘confuses’ a woman, he is guilty of ‘psychological abuse’
And there’s a separate section for ‘financial abuse’ on the AVDA page on which they list: ‘Not paying child support’.
The second example of ‘financial abuse’ is even further removed from what sensible people might recognise as ‘abuse’ or ‘violence’.
AVDA say if a person ‘threatens to report their partner to the Benefits Agency or other authorities’ – you guessed it – that’s domestic abuse too.
It would certainly be interesting to know what the council’s benefits agency investigators think of that one.
The truth is that the facts and figures forced down your threat during ‘Domestic Abuse Week’ bear no relation to the real world at all.
If the above examples enough weren’t enough to convince you already, take AVDA’s definition of sexual abuse.
Apparently ‘making someone wear clothes that they haven’t chosen’ – constitutes the serious crime of sexual abuse.
Which would make an awful lot of style-conscious young girls sexual abusers of their friends.
And would also mean that the next time your wife tells you not to wear that awful jumper, you could phone the police and have her jailed for sexually abusing you.
It’s nonsense.
And it’s not silly, or amusing nonsense.
It’s dangerous nonsense.
Blaming the victim is something tyrants have done since time immemorial to mollify the public at large.
Today you only have to switch off your TV or put your paper down to look out at the world around you that it’s men who are the victims of feminist-driven society.
The tyrannical and secret ‘family’ courts deny a man his basic right to a family life.
And official discrimination means that businesses are bound by law to employ women – but not men.
The results can be seen in every street of every town in Britain.
Here are some real statistics for you.
- 90 per-cent of all court-assisted family separations end in a man losing both their home, and contact with their children
- 74 per-cent of court-assisted family separations feature allegations of ‘domestic abuse’
- Former ‘Family Court’ judge Robert Johnson estimates the number of those allegations that are true to be “not many”
- Under new legislation, women have to allege ‘domestic abuse’ to qualify for legal aid
- 40 per-cent of all separating fathers lose contact with their own children within two years
- 1 in 4 homes are single parent headed
- 90 per-cent of the homeless are men
- 60 per-cent of those made redundant in the last 10 years in Britain have been men
- 83 per-cent of new jobs in the last 10 years have been given to women
- In the last ten years the male suicide rate has risen by 70 per-cent
(Sources: Department of Work and Pensions, HMCourts, BBC live interview, Shelter, ONS, and SPIG)
Think on that the next time you see the untrue ‘1 in 4’ statistic repeated on TV, Radio or in the papers, along with the press suggesting you be suspicious of brutal men.
Think about the fact that three out of four women in domestic violence refuges told researchers no man had ever laid a finger on them.
And then maybe think on Burke’s famous lines:
“It is necessary only for good men to say nothing for evil to triumph.”
We believe the evil of ‘Domestic Abuse Week’ is in its instigation.
Among other things, over the next week we hope to show that its authors are officials who abuse or endorse the abuse of families and children.
They’re engaged in the age-old tyrants tactic of blaming a scapegoat for their own crimes.
So ‘Don’t Suffer in Silence’ – as these cynical ‘domestic abuse’ twits put it.
Speak out when you see a media outlet reproduce Government ‘domestic abuse’ propaganda without any journalistic rigour or balance.
Here’s how to complain.
Complain to the BBC (Radio Cornwall or Spotlight that information broadcast in Domestic Abuse week was wrong, or incitement to hatred.
Or phone them on 01752 229 201
Complain to ITV 01752 333333
Complain to Yesterdays Boring News 01752 765500
Complain to the Boring Guardian 01208 74528
Complain to the Snoringman Newspaper 01736 351146
Complain to the Deaf Briton 01872 271451
Complain to The Cornish Times 01579 342174
Complain to the The Cornish and Devon Post 01566 778220
Complain to the Atlantic FM 01872 55 34 00

Complain to the Newquay Voice 01637 878298

Complain to the St Austell Voice 01726 67722
Complain to the St Ives Times 01736 795813
Complain to the The Packet 01326 213333
Get cracking. It only takes a second and you’ll feel better afterwards.

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