Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February 13th is Dump Bitch Day

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I would like to propose, ahead of Merchant Maureen February 14th, that February 13th be DBD - Dump Bitch Day.

Originally February 13th was coined Dead Bra Day, a day where women were encouraged to ditch their old, grotty bras and buy new ones. Lingerie makers and outlets often hold sales on this day to that very end. It was popularised by Tyra Banks as a day where women could also pamper themselves by indulging in lingerie.

I say since she is on her "pamper herself" trip, she and go pamper herself out of your life. (Remember: fish don't need bicycles.)
In doing so:
  • You will have more time for yourself
  • You will have a better bank balance
  • You will be more sane
  • You can do more meaningful things
So in the words of Captain No Marriage - You are now free to kick her to the curb.



ScareCrow said...

I think Feb 13th - should be "Marc Rudov" day...

Oh and as far as fish and bicycles are concerned...

"Feminism is the radical notion that men are bicycles and there is something fishy about women".

Captain No Marriage said...

Well said! They don't need us, they're independent wimmens! We certainly wouldn't want to insult their independence by giving them something they can work for themselves!!

And Marc Rudov has been fighting the good fight for a long time. I have a lot of respect for that guy.

Thanks for the mention Roy!!