Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nomance ...

Ahead of the much vaunted Valentine's Day, that hyper-commercialized day where women metamorphose into demanding entitlement princesses that would make Gina Rio proud (read about this entitlement bitch if you don't know who she is), I am calling, for the 4th year in succession, a TOTAL BOYCOTT of anything even remotely related to February 14th.

Before any sugary protestations start of the "But I love her" sort, ask yourself:

The catalogue of bullshit women dish out these days is unbelievable:
  • shaming language (see this post for examples)
  • belittling you/your abilities in public
  • trotting out the "victim" trump card every single chance they get
  • playing the Pussy Pass every single chance they get
  • False Rape Accusations
  • lies, lies and more lies
  • hypergamy
  • hyper-inflated egos and self-worth
  • bitchiness & greed
  • emotional vampires
  • educationally worthless
  • troublemakers
  • ... and the list goes on
If you can even identify with one item on that list you're in for big time crazy. Then they expect you to turn around, as though nothing has happened, and buy them jewellery, roses, chocolates, expensive dinners just because its Valentine's Day and she deserves it!

I have 3 words - FUCK OFF SOW!
Repeat after me - FUCK OFF SOW!

Do remember that the origins of Valentine's Day were shrouded in paganism and mysticism. Romance only entered the picture after Chaucer wrote the "Parlement of Foules", widely seen as attributing the opening of the birds' mating season with love. Fast forward to 1913 with Hallmark mass-producing cards and commercialization sets in.

Remember also that the modern women is one drunk on "grrrlllll POWAH!", one that will loudly declare "I am woman, hear me roar" and that "fish don't need bicycles". Somehow, that seems to be forgotten on this day, and the "bicycle" will be called upon to be her walking ATM. It may be well to keep firmly in mind that bicycles don't need fish either; especially not greedy, grasping, attitude- and entitlement-ridden fish. They can't cook, can't clean and they are worthless to any organization. In other words, they are worth shit.

So in the grand tradition of Marc Rudov a.k.a The No-Nonsense Man, I say to February 14th 2013 - out with the Merchant Maureens, out with her attitude, and most of all, out with this commercial travesty designated only to part a man with his (hard-earned) money. I also say the sooner you kick her sorry ass to the curb and Go Your Own Way, the happier you will be.



Anonymous said...


"Read about this entitlement bitch...and boycott anything remotely related to February 14th"

An even better reason to boycott women like her is when you look at the retarded ass-hat this Entitlement Princess (who could have her choice in men) chooses for boyfriends:

I usually stay home on the 14th. The last time I was out on the 14th, I counted 8 women (in 1/2 hour)dragging along some piece of human dreck like EckSell along with them.

That's what their idea of the 'perfect man' is? Then they can spend their holidays with these chumps, because I'll be doing something constructive instead!

ScareCrow said...

I do have a confession to make - I bought some "gummy life savers" in Valentines form.

I had no idea they were "valentine day themed".

Instead of rings - many of them were heart-shaped in the bag.

Oh well - I bought them because I like them - not because of valentines days.

Oh - and they were on sale...