Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving thoughts

Singapore doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving. Its a little-known Western holiday. For some who deign a nod in the direction of Western culture and mannerisms, Thanksgiving is just another excuse to eat turkey.

I, however, have plenty to give thanks for - too much work (that means I have a job), too much housework (I have a roof over my head), too much laundry (hey, many millions of people have no clothes to wear!) and so on it goes.

What I really need to give thanks for is the fact that I'm not married.
Yes, you read that right. NOT, N-O-T married.
And loving it.
When I look at my peers, struggling with (naggy) wife, (whiny) kids and (mountainous) bills, I truly get down on my knees and give thanks to my Great God that He saw fit to not put marriage in His Grand Design for me.

I spent Thanksgiving with my best friend, another MGTOW like me. He had dinner at my place which I cooked (how many modern aka "empowered" women know even HOW to roast a turkey breast?), then we spent a pleasant evening playing Scrabble and laughing.

As the disease of Feminism darkens even Asia's societies, its interesting to note that like every epidemic, it mutates. Like unto swine flu, H1N1 which has now become H2N3 (!!), Feminism mutates to conform when its previous machinations turn sour. I'm thinking of Debbie Maken and her much touted Marriage Mandate. It would seem that in the past the femcunts ever complained that "marriage was slavery". Now in the wake of the Marriage Strike, when their "slaves" are fleeing to the hills to avoid marriage, these femcunts abruptly don the "conservative woman" mask and start screaming that "no one wants to marry me!". Suddenly the shoe is on the other foot a là Debbie Maken with even rabid feminists screaming for marriage, and it would be funny except that its not.

So I wish all my MGTOW brothers a happy, sane and single Thanksgiving even though the holiday is over. Long may we stand uncontaminated by skanks and sluts.