Friday, December 31, 2010

A Happily (Un)Married Weekend

As the year draws to a close, I thought it would be a good idea to log how an unmarried, confirmed bachelor spends his weekend.
What follows is an account of an actual weekend for me. Events will, of course, vary accordingly, as in this recorded example, my best friend paid me a visit.

11:25am -Wake up late after deciding to make good on a sleep-deprived week. Lie in luxuriously while the cats frot themselves all over me in a playful attempt to get "Daddy" out of bed.
11:30am -Give in to the cats, get up, shower, then feed and cuddle them.
11:50am -Look in fridge for breakfast food. Decide that brunch is a better option. Fry up bacon hock, hash patties, 2 tomatoes, 2 eggs, black pudding and 2 slices of bread slathered with butter. One pot of tea and 15 minutes later, I'm tucking in. (Note: how many women toting "grrrrrrrl power" today can even cook? I am told they are capable of burning a TV dinner!)
1:30pm -Go to nearby hypermarket to load up. I'll be very busy teaching in the new year, so it makes sense to load up on necessary items and convenience stuff like pre-baked lasagna and pizza. Since I won't be venturing out much, I do need to eat!
3:30pm -Familiar footsteps outside my door heralds the arrival of Craig, my best friend and fellow MGTOW. He wants a Dungeons & Dragons challenge but most of our regular "gang" are either overseas or busy with projects. We end up with the Scrabble board instead along with a barrel-load of laughs.
5:30pm -A horrified look at the clock reveals its too late for tea but too early for dinner. I raid the fridge and quickly whip up sandwiches, scones dripping cream and jam, and a steaming pot of tea. We sit down to an English tradition - "high tea" while the cats nuzzle my legs, hoping not for a bite but for some more love!
8:00pm -We are sitting in my favourite restaurant - Oriole's - for dinner. Craig has forbidden me to cook and has taken me out instead.
11:00pm -I'm soaking in the tub, wineglass in hand, Charpentier playing in the background and Leo, my oldest cat affectionately perched atop the water closet so he can be as near to me as possible but not get splashed!
11:30pm -I've hauled myself out of the tub, dried, dressed and curled up in bed with the latest installment in The Wheel of Time series. Leo is snuggled against my hip, purring like an off-grist mill wheel. We're both happy campers and I'll probably read until I fall asleep to the gentle vibrations of my purring cat.

Does that sound like a "happily married man" to you? If you equate "happily married" to being tied to a shrill-voiced harpy who pressurizes you into doing things because SHE wants it; the endless honey-do lists; the bills, mostly her bills; that is; the demise of time with your buddies; the demise of your own free time and space; the death of sex ... then you are "happily married" indeed!
Me, I chose the"road less travelled", the MGTOW path, and never looked back.
I've lived my life like that of the world's shortest fairytale (published below) and I'm much better for it.

(By the way, thanks to MarkyMark for this gem of a tale!)
Onward to 2011!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Lone Nut -Political Projections

This one's hilarious, and true, when people place themselves in the hot seat; not just crocs and dogs.
It was bound to happen sooner or later - Look Who's Talking: NAACP Calls The Tea Party Racist.

(c) Lone Nut | The Thought Crime Comic

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Lone Nut -Equal Pay for Equal Work

I'm a bit behind with syndicating The Lone Nut in part due to an avalanche of work!
But I couldn't resist this one:
You can read the rest of the backdated strips at The Lone Nut site.

(c) Lone Nut | The Thought Crime Comic

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Assange accusers named -HERE!

I am going to do my part in the war against feminism even though its months late.
I take the stance that it better late than never. Or worse, die regretting that never.

Here I am naming (and shaming) the two wimminz who trumped up fake sex accusations against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. The two LIARS are Anna Ardin (a.k.a Bernardin) and Sofia Wilén. Here are their smirking mugs for all to loathe:

Quoted from The Spearhead:
Feminist Anna Ardin and accomplice Sofia Wilén, his accusers, met each other after both had slept with Assange within a short timeframe, and they subsequently joined forces to jointly accuse him of rape.
There is a lot of background on Anna Ardin, who is not only a feminist ideologue who has made sexual harassment accusations against her students at the University of Uppsala for not paying attention to her, but apparently was also involved in some intrigues in Cuba, from which she was expelled for her association with a right-wing feminist group. As for Sofia Wilén, she appears to be a young, aspiring photographer, a little odd, and perhaps suggestible, as it was apparently Ardin who convinced her to go to the police (original article with comments here).

From The False Rape Society comes this:
Anna Ardin, a notorious radical known in Sweden for her feminism views on how men achieve social dominance through sex, has been known to be bent on revenge. On January Ardin posted a blog entry on ‘7 Steps to Legal Revenge by Anna Ardin’, which included a statement, I’ve been thinking about some revenge over the last few days… An article on the blog can be read here - .
It is also noted that this is not the first time Ardin has accused someone for molestation of a sexual nature in Sweden.
Ardin invited Assange to Stockholm, and was briefly appointed his press secretary during his visit.
The story begins the weekend of August 15. Assange wanted to attend a Swedish crayfish party, Ardin made the arrangements.
According to the Swedish newspaper Expressen, Assange sexually harassed a woman (Ardin) in Stockholm then two or three days later traveled 20km to Enköping where he supposedly raped another woman (Ardin’s friend). The Expressen concludes by an astonishing coincidence, the two women were friends. They decided a week later to go to a police station together saying that “Assange raped and harassed us” (original article with comments here).

And on Sofia Wilen (emphasis follows original article's):
[...] the stalkerish groupie who slept with Assange but got mad at him after he turned out to be an inattentive geek. There are a bunch of articles confirming Wilén’s involvement in the case, including her friendship with Assange’s other accuser, the psychotic feminist Anna Ardin. [...]
The charges against Julian Assange were indeed trumped up. Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilén planned it all. They went to the police station asking for advice, knowing the police would turn it into an accusation of rape. They’re also the ones who leaked the story to the tabloid Expressen. [...]
Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilén approached the Klara police station in Stockholm on the afternoon of Friday 20 August 2010 to ask questions of the police, purportedly about forcing someone to submit to STD/HIV tests.
The policemen on duty rang up prosecutor on duty Maria Kjellstrand even before the formal interrogation had begun. Kjellstrand - working with no paperwork at all at this point – issued an ‘APB’ for Assange and had the police search the Stureplan district of Stockholm for Assange, ostensibly to bring him in for questioning (and a tour of Swedish isolation cells).
The formal interrogation of Sofia Wilén was only concluded hours later and the interrogation of Anna Ardin didn’t take place until the day after - by telephone.
As seen from Anna Ardin’s SMS history, Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilén made the whole thing up - and even decided to leak the story to notorious Swedish tabloid Expressen. The story reached Niklas Svensson and others at Expressen at 19:52.
A colleague of Svensson’s rang up Maria Kjellstrand to find out if the story was true - and Kjellstrand, violating the rules of her office, told the reporter that it was (original articles here and here).

So it is VERY clear - Julian Assange's accusers are OUTRIGHT LIARS! THEY MUST BE EXPOSED FOR WHAT THEY ARE - LIARS (apologies for screaming but this has to come across as strongly as possible!).

Other blogs have already named and shamed these fine examples of ordure - The False Rape Society, The Spearhead, In Mala Fide to name but a few. I am climbing on the bandwagon albeit late, but I still feel I must do my part. Please link to the sites/blogs, visit them as often as you can, donate if you can, and spread the word!


Friday, December 24, 2010

Blessed Christmas 2010

My, how the time flies - where does it go?
Its Christmas 2010, and even though I've not put a new post in 4 months, I'm neither dead nor gone!
I'll be back in the new year with new writings.
Look out for more anti-fem vitriol from me.
I can't speak for my brother men in general but I do speak for myself. And me, I've had enough.
But that's in 2011 - still a week away.
Meanwhile, here's a Blessed Christmas to all my brother men and MGTOWs.
(original design courtesy of Vecteezy)