Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lone Nut: Weekend-Father's Day

To quote a line from a poplar musical (Kismet) - "Princes come, princes go, but only the sands of time will know". And as surely as the sands of time shift, comes the realization that mothers, dictates and governments can never replace fathers.

Happy (belated -my PC's display went on the blink last week!) Father's Day!

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Face of an Abuser

This is 21-year-old Malorie A. Crisp of Boise, Idaho.

She was arrested on felony battery charges yesterday after beating a man with a cane. Before or during the beating, Ms. Crisp attempted to disable the man’s telephone to prevent him from calling the police.

Given that the man was beaten with a cane, it is likely that he was elderly or disabled and Ms. Crisp seized his cane in order to give him a more severe beating.

According to women’s groups, abusers like Malorie Crisp do not exist, because domestic violence is all about perpetuating the patriarchy. Therefore, when a woman assaults a member of “the patriarchy”, it cannot possibly be domestic violence. Note how the article states that she was arrested for “aggravated battery,” whereas if it were a man arrested during a “domestic dispute” the police report would have indicated “domestic violence.” This is one method by which domestic violence rates are skewed to make it appear that women do not perpetrate domestic violence.
(Quoted from The Spearhead)

All I can say is - LIES! LIES! LIES!
If you even think that women are virginal creatures to be placed on a pedestal - THINK AGAIN! AND THINK HARD!
Never ever trust or get near to any modern woman.
You'll be happier, saner and richer if you don't.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lone Nut -Mangina Monthly

This has to be one of the funniest Lone Nuts ever drawn/published!

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lone Nut -The Nature of Conflict

This is the latest in the ongoing syndicated strip I'm helping to publicize, and its one of the funniest by far.

"The world will be so much more peaceful when we end religion." That is a quote I have heard a lot of lately and its appeared on the Lone Nut site too.

I guess that religion serves different ideals to different groups of people, and when those ideals clash with intolerance not far behind ... well, you get the drift.

Lone Nut -The Thought Crime Comic

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Jessica Joe of Oakland University thought it a grand idea to accuse two strangers of rape to get attention and support from her boyfriend.

According to police reports, Joe claimed that on April 24, as she was walking out of the CVS Pharmacy at Adams and Walton, she was grabbed by two men and dragged into a van parked next to her car. She told police that the men pulled her clothing off and one man drove around, while the other man raped her and was eventually pushed out of the van in the lot, according to the sheriff’s office. Although she claimed she struggled and fought to get away, police could find neither marks or bruises on her body.

A check with the store’s entrance videotape showed that Joe was never entered or left the store. Furthermore, CVS employees declared no one fitting her description had been in the store.

It is now clear that Joe will face felony charges. Whether she is convicted will depend on the strength of her P-Pass.

But what truly infuriates me is Sheriff Michael Bouchard himself. when he bleats out the tired old axiom: "When someone falsely claims a kidnapping and sexual assault it makes it that much harder on real assault victims and wastes precious police resources.' As several commentators over at FRS have stated, what about the men whose lives will be ruined by her petty whims, especially if her descriptions matched an actual, innocent man? At least she was named and we have a photo of her, while the men were not.

That is why anonymity is now paramount in a society where political correctness has run amok. So run over to the site and sign this Petition Supporting Anonymity NOW! And if you can, give them some money too. I did and its all for a good cause.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Lone Nut -The Darwin Rewards

If you know of any site that should carry this comic - and you should! because these are turning out to be classics! - post in a comment at The Lone Nut.

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