Sunday, October 21, 2012

Don't complain about the women

I haven't been able to blog of late owing to a horrendous workload and that I'm considering, after 12 long years, of heading to greener pastures in the employment arena. More on that later.

I happened to chance across this article at A Voice for Men - Don't complain about the wiminz, written by one Aimee McGee who claims to be a "human rights activist with interest in gender equality and disability advocacy".

That the piece is interesting reading is in the fact the McGee indulges in a bout of hamsterbation (to quote the recent trendy word) reaching near epic proportions. And this on a premier MRA site! I found it irritating as she tries to deflect criticism from women. Not very successfully as the comments indicate; but I will leave you to form your own conclusions.

Has A Voice for Men lost the plot?