Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

A very blessed and happy Christmas to all my MRA brothers!

(Shining Candle design courtesy of Vecteezy!
Additional wording my own.)

Friday, December 23, 2011

IMPORTANT!: The Agent Orange files

I saw this over at The Counter Feminist and I'm doing my part to ensure that this gets a proper airing.
The rotten core of radical feminism has been revealed in a stunning release of secret information. These radical man-hating feminists thought they could talk about male genocide without the world knowing of it. They were wrong. Now the whole world knows what feminism really is, and the game will never be the same again.
Go here for an informative news article.
Or go here to download the Agent Orange files immediately (160MB).
WARNING! The information is extremely disturbing!


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Blessed Thanksgiving 2011

I give thanks that there are no witchy fembots in my life.
I give thanks that I have not drunk the Kool-Aid of marriage.
I give thanks that I have gone my own way!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Axioms for the Feminist

I'm in my "Tom Leykis" mood again - in part spurred by a (very heavy) dosage of reading from some of the blogs in my Roll of Honour.

The current postulation is that violence against women is rising. Anti-feminist sentiment too. Given that the femistinks have been proselytising their anti-male and male hate agenda for some time now, with especial virulence in the past few years, this should come as no surprise.

I certainly do not espouse violence to women. Not worth it. That would be handing the trump card right into their very, entitled, hands. Instead, I advocate the use of disgust, scorn, contempt even, with encountering them. Couple that with a "you're-so-stupid-its-unbelievable" attitude and you have an interesting counter-offensive in the making.

So, in my best "Tom Leykis" style, I offer the following axioms for dealing with the femskank/femnasty:

  1. She can pay for it herself.
  2. She can fix it herself.
  3. She buy it with her own money.
  4. We do not want her (smelly) fish).
  5. You do not go to her aid.
  6. You do not acknowledge her.
Short as that list may be, it encapsulates all that is needed to deal with the "empowered" woman - the "you go grrrrrrrllllll" type.
I offer my rallying cry in closing: "Yo! Feminist! Do it yourself!"


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Guess who's back?

The Zero Tolerance Man, a.k.a. ZTM, whose blog vanished several months ago has resurfaced!
It does go to show that good things will never die. Like the phoenix, it rises from the ashes to burn even more brightly than before.

Now known as No Marriages, under the Wordpress domain, it features the same, biting distaste for the femiskank that characterised the old blog. And good on him for that! At the very least, Wordpress is safe from Blogger's hate speech policy. I am seriously considering a move there myself.

So do go and have a read, and open your eyes while you're at it. As my fellow MRA'er MarkyMark likes to say - the life you save might be your own!


Friday, September 16, 2011

Jessica Valenti - Suprema Bigota

I haven't posted in a long while as work has been getting the better of me - the devil's in the details as they say. But when I chanced on this over at In Mala Fide, I could not resist - Jessica Valenti Has a Foul-Smelling Vagina: It’s Google Bomb Time Once Again.

Its time to FTSU and push our Bigotus Supremus, the lovely Miss Jessica Valenti, to the top of the Google listings. Make doubly sure she has no place left on earth to hide. - About Jessica Valenti.

Incidentally, I don't ever want to know what that bigot's cooch smells like -hazarding a guess, it would probably reek of all the stale fish guts from yesteryear (eeww!), and it would probably put me off food for the rest of my life! She could make a fortune peddling that to the slimming regimes. Now there's a thought!


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Help to bury Mary Kellett -- for good!

This was posted over at A Voice for Men and its good.
I am reposting this here as well to help spread the news.


Contact: Paul Elam, A Voice for Men
P.O. Box301172
Bar Harbor Maine prosecutor faces disbarment for prosecuting innocent men for rape
A Bar Harbor Maine prosecutor faces historic proceedings after the state Board of Overseers of the Bar Counsel issues a rare recommendation of finding probable cause of prosecutorial misconduct following a 7 month long investigation.  Assistant district attorney Mary N. Kellett has been accused of prosecuting dozens of men for sex crimes even when evidence of their innocence was established.  Several prosecuted men were accused by their wives or girlfriends in the course of their divorce or child custody disputes.  The complaints investigated by the Bar Counsel Scott Davis cited witness and evidence tampering and presentation of false facts and evidence before the Court by prosecutor Mary N. Kellett.
The misconduct first came to light in the case of Vladek Filler, a husband accused of sexual misconduct by his estranged wife during their divorce and child custody battle in the Bar Harbor area[1].  Filler won and maintained sole custody of his children during two criminal prosecutions for spousal rape and the prosecutor’s appeal to the Supreme Court[2].
Renowned private investigator TJ Ward of the Natalie Halloway Aruba case conducted a two year investigation of the Filler rape case and called it a “fabrication,” publicly criticizing prosecutor Mary Kellett’s conduct[3].  The Maine Supreme Judicial Court followed with a decision noting prosecutor’s misconduct in the case[4], and numerous complaints to the State of Maine’s Board of Overseers of the Bar followed[5].
The Filler case shed light on numerous prosecutions of innocent men[6] in this small New England community which have been dubbed “The modern day Salem witch trials”[7].  Even on the eve of Board of Overseers Commission meeting concerning prosecutor Mary Kellett’s misconduct, new charges surface of witness tampering and misinforming the Court.  The misconduct resulted in a mistrial and in the office of Attorney General’s office publicly pointing at prosecutor Mary Kellett[8].  A Voice for Men, an advocacy organization, is calling for disbarment of attorney Mary Kellett by the Board of Overseers of the Bar, and for her immediate suspension in the interim by the Hancock County District Attorney Carletta Bassano.
For more information contact Paul Elam of A Voice for Men at
# # #

IMHO, I can't think why they took so god-damned long (7 months!!!!!) to find "probable cause of prosecutorial misconduct", when it was as plain as the nose on her stinking mug that she sinned.
Post it, email and send it out, my brother MRAs. Let's hope she gets Nifong'd so good and proper she regrets forever the day she ever decided to judge the Filler case thus.

Maybe she'll get it next time.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The politics of lies and instability

Diallo Nafissatou (L) vs Yingluck Shinawatra (R)
What do the two of them have in common?
They are women.
And we all know that women can't be trusted.

Let's take Diallo first.
You can't help but notice that the DSK affair has crumbled around the prosecution's ears. And why? Because she lied. SHE LIED. REPEATEDLY. SINCE DAY ONE SHE LIED.
It should have been obvious since day one that she was lying - and now it has been exposed that she has, has everyone who trumpeted her "victim" status scurrying for cover (read one example here).
Cyrus Vance, the New York prosecutor in charge of the case is also under heavy critical fire for the way it was handled. To make it worse, EuroNews reports that his office has also lost two recent cases, one involving rape, the other the planning of a terrorism attack. In all honesty, anyone who assumes guilt based on hearsay should be "Nifong'd", to use the current term.
Now Diallo's is being called a "hooker", her reputation is in tatters and exposes on her being a cheat and a druggie are floating to the surface. In short, she's a crook and a thief (see this article from The Spearhead), and her credibility is fast vaporising. Not that she had much to start with!
However, since feminism championed her, lies and all, I can only say - YOU GO GRRRRL!

On the other hand we have Yingluck Shinawatra, ousted premier Thaksin's younger sister.
That she is riding on popularity's coattails is evident, as is the way she has made promises.
Whether or not she delivers them is another issue, something Thailand, in the heat of the moment appears to have forgotten. This is eerily similar to the popular support which greeted Barack Obama's election, and which started cracking a mere six months later.
She is, figuratively speaking, a political virgin and certainly not vestal. Barely a week into a premiership and she has already been accused of vote-buying (see here) and inconsistency (read this).
It will be interesting, to say the least, of watching how she handles life as the (very visible) head of Thailand once the honeymoon period is over. Barack Obama only had six months before America came to realisation that it made a very bad mistake. I give this Yingluck creature less.

I've always said it: anything headed by a woman, be it country or corporation, is destined to decay and ossify, or doomed to die a painful death. Obviously we have not learned the lessons of, say post-Kohl Germany under Angela Merkel, or the struggles of Hewlett-Packard after Carly Fiorina romped through it, or how shares have dropped ever since Janet Robinson started her tenure at the New York Times company, or ... I could go on but this post should open a few eyes.

All I can say then is, buckle up and watch the show from the side boys - it ain't gonna be pretty!

Monday, July 04, 2011

Independence Day

Happy 4th of July to all my American readers!

Have one for me please (but drive safely while you at it)!
We got our Independence from Great Britain, and we now work the long road to independence from the stink of feminism!


Friday, July 01, 2011 opens for business

The much needed register showing women are less than the "superior sex" they purport to be has finally debuted -

The masterpiece of activist and MRA luminary Paul Elam along with several others, this officially opened for business several days ago and already has sent panic waves running through the femturds, if the screengrab below is anything to go by:

You can read the responses to this over at Paul's blog - its good.

As I said in the previous post, cycles close and filth like Jessica Valenti should have known of the old axiom - "What goes around, comes around". In other words, she has blithely neglected the fact that all the hate and filth she has spouted for the Times will now and is now coming back to bite her in the ass.

I urge us all to help grow the database for we do not "light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house." (Matthew 5:15 KJV) - apologies for that Biblical verse again but the correlation was too good to miss!

Here's to the growth of the database.
Long may it flourish!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Psalm 121:1

For those of you who did a double-take at that title, rest assured, I am not about to go off into a preachy tangent, even though that is one of my favourite Bible verses.

That verse sprang to mind as I was reading the latest Spearhead article entitled "Outside the Shop Window" - a lovely piece detailing how more and more men are breaking free, waking up and refusing to be party to a system that has all but vilified them.

This should be a clear sign to (1) disdain women; (2) abhor marriage; and (3) unplug from the system. Completely. Never mind what they say about NAWALT. Never mind what others think of you. Never mind that people think you are making the greatest mistake of your life. Like Ken Knight (the author of the said article), I went my own way in my 20s. This was in the 1990s, in Singapore, and everyone pounced on me. Today I look back at the rising waters of feminism washing over South East Asia and I know I made the right decision. While I had (past tense) regretful twinges that the looks my peculiar amalgam of genes have bequeathed me will not be passed on, those have been firmly eradicated as I look my life post-GMOW and the great might-have-been of marriage.

Since we are on the subject, a related topic is the rise of feminutzi grief that men have become bystanders (see here). They are moaning about a dearth of "good men" which is essentially a situation of their own making. The writing is on the wall. The male populace is a simmering volcano waiting to explode and it will take just one tiny spark to set it off. This is prophecy just waiting to be fulfilled. I for one will be curious to see what the feminutzis' reaction will be when their throats are about to be slit, or gutted like hogs; white knights, manginas and Futrelle included.

Like many things, ages end and cycles close. Feminism's death clock has been ticking for some time now. We MGTOWs should just sit back and watch it explode. Or maybe implode. And trust me - it ain't gonna be pretty.

As the psalmist would say: "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;" (Ecclesiastes 3:1-2).


Saturday, June 04, 2011

The Lone Nut -Politically Correct Chess

Lone Nut seem to be less prolific these days.
But when they do release a strip, its a gem, such as their latest offering - politically correct chess.


Sunday, May 22, 2011


Christine Armstrong of The Lighthouse, a (somewhat dubious) domestic abuse services program running on (yours and my) tax dollars, has gone on a rampage calling people out by name and declaring that they should be placed on government watchlists.

Amongst some of the people she targeted were Paul Elam (A Voice for Men) and William Price (The Spearhead). She also published libellous comments on a disgusting website called Girly Manboobz (I won't even link to it - its that bad!).

Bad mistake.

Paul Elam has gone on the offensive to shame her (read it here and here) and the end result, cutting a long story short is that she seems to have gone into the woodwork.

But that should not stop us from giving her a taste of her own medicine. Here are her details as well as a lovely mug for all to deride:

Full Name: Christine Armstrong
Position: Development & Communications Director
Address: The Lighthouse, P.O. Box 531 Robertsdale, AL 36567
Phone: 251-947-6197

Remember she is a ostensibly a public servant. Therefore making unfounded claims in a public forum is unacceptable. This should be an object lesson to her (well, anyone), that if you want to f**k around with bloggers in the men's movement, you'd better not be so visible. Once's the writing's on the wall - watch out!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

De plus en plus (Extra! Extra!)

This is hot news of the press though I may be late in reporting it - coming from this side of the planet.

As Taco from his (long-forgotten) hit of the early 80's Tribute to Tino would say "get a hold of this one!" - the REAL name of Dominique Strauss-Kahn's (false) accuser is Nafissatou Diallo. And here's a lovely mug of her too, courtesy of an anonymous commentor from an article in Le Figaro:

(Note that the picture has been cropped to remove all the unnecessary details - just the smirking mug suffices.)

It would be a case in point to note, as mentioned by Ferdinand Bardamu (In Mala Fide) that this particularly foul specimen of ordure is (1) a black female; (2)  a DIVORCED (update from The SpearheadMUSLIM and (3) immigrant (apparently she was originally from Ghana); and something definitely smells over-ripe here. We should also remind ourselves that black women are the most toxic and disgusting creatures to ever walk the surface of this earth.

IMO I find it odd that FRAs against male high-flyers and/or socialites and/or prestigious figures is fast becoming a trendy game of "witch hunting" for the accusers. And the bluer the blood the faster the accusations pile up. Consider the Tiger Woods case - within hours of that deranged bitch Erin throwing a blue fit, prostitutes were lining up to claim they had sex with Woods. Or how about the Rothlisberger case? And Julian Assange? So it stands to reason as being odd that a man like Strauss-Kahn, hitherto portrayed as a paragon of French society should suddenly stare a false rape accusation from out of the blue. For your enjoyment, you can read all the glorious inconsistencies, irregularities and tripe in Nafissatou Diallo's recount of her rape here.

What have they, these false accusers, to lose? Think about it - even if the case ultimately becomes inadmissible, they will likely find fame on their side, lucrative endorsements chasing them, book deals, a spot on Oprah ... the list goes on. But what is sweetest for them, perhaps, is that a member of the evil patriarchy would have been smeared/tainted by the accusation and jailed for it. You go grrrrrlll!

The femiskanks will always be silent on this one. Its grist to their mill after all - one less evil member of the patriarchy means one step closer to their ideal of female supremacy, with their Victim Card the ace up the sleeve. I make it a point to remind myself, constantly, after reading several articles on the subject, that women do lie. If they have to sacrifice someone, especially a man, preferably a boy, to save their hide, they will do so and without compunction or backward thoughts.

That is why I labour on, unasked, unthanked, probably reviled and derided, from my little corner of the Far East. to spread the word about these false accusers the moment their true identities are published and can be verified. I do it for my fellow MRA and MGTOW brothers. I do it so the groundswell against false accusations may gain momentum and, hopefully, credibility.

Most of all, I do it willingly and gladly.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Comment Gem

I came across this reading the comments to a newly posted article (read here) on Athol Kay's book - Married Men Sex Life at The Spearhead.
Treating a dog with indifference is cruel. Treating a western woman with indifference is what she deserves.
This is from a regular commentator who goes by the moniker Peter-Andrew: Nolan (c), and his comments make jolly good reading!

Of course, the rabid femistinks and femiskanks will be quick to decry this; while those disenchanted with feminism's excesses will be equally quick to rally under the NAWALT banner. I myself would paraphrase that comment to read "all women", not just "a western woman"; and not just indifference, but outright scorn, disgust and loathing.


Monday, April 18, 2011

The Lone Nut - Diversity Propaganda: The Show

After more than a month's hiatus, Lone Nut are back! And funnier than ever!

This is the first of two strips celebrating their return.
I'll post the other one shortly.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sign the Petition to disbar Mary Kellett

There is a petition to disbar Mary Kellett.

Petitions by|Start a Petition »

A thousand signatures are needed - they currently have 727 and counting.
Sign this NOW to prevent idiots like her from wreaking havoc with the judicial system ever again (remember Mike Nifong?). This is a chance to get in on some serious action.

To be very honest (and objectors to strong language STOP READING NOW!), she should be made to grovel in the dust and thrown into solitary to rot for her actions. IMHO she is worse than disgusting.


UPDATE: 955 people have already signed the petition and according to, "30% of the signatures came from countries outside the United States. These countries are, in order of the number of signatures: Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Denmark, New Zealand, Netherlands, Italy, India, Ireland, Japan, Belgium, Norway, Spain, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Croatia, France, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, and Switzerland!" The petition will be presented to Maine Governor Lepage, Attorney General Schneider, and Counsel Davis of the Board of Overseers of the Bar this Wednesday. The group then marches on to meet with state Senators and Representatives to tell them about the very sad state of their DV criminal justice system. Watch these pages - it'll fun!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hazardous Material -WOMAN

I saw this on MarkyMark's blog and I recall having an old copy of it somewhere.
I dug it up, spruced it up in Illustrator with the copy on MM's blog and here it is!:

If anyone wants a high-resolution copy of this, just email/PM me - I'm more than happy to send it to you.
By the way, I claim no credit for the text in the graphic above. All I did was pretty it up with the meagre skills I have in Adobe Illustrator.


Monday, April 04, 2011

The Toilet Paper poll

Just for laughs, I posted a poll asking my (small) following to determine a suitable brand mascot for a loo roll design.

The contenders were: Sarah Palin, Jessica Valenti, Harriet Harman, Andrea Dworkin, Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem and Germaine Greer.
Andrea Dworkin won by a sizeable lead - 4 votes. Sarah Palin and Jessica Valenti got one vote each.
Here, then, [drum roll] is the new face of toilet paper:

Incidentally, it was this creature (masquerading as a woman) who declared that all sexual activities were rape: "Heterosexual intercourse is the pure, formalized expression of contempt for women's bodies. Rape is the primary emblem of romantic love." I'd say that it would take a great deal of chutzpah to even want sexual intercourse with something like that! Not to mention copious amounts of alcohol and Viagra and I'm not even sure I could get it up!

Strangely, the more I look at Dworkin, the more I see a resemblance to Jabba the Hutt:

- you decide for yourself.

Fortunately, history seems wont to relegate her to nothing more than an embarrassing aberration. Let's hope, that with a little more effort, she will be a laughing-stock as well.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Woman = Evil

Here is proof that women are evil.

Note that it was proven QED, Latin for quod erat demonstrandum, or "what was to be demonstrated"; proving beyond the shadow of doubt that women/girls are evil.

Incidentally, I had a handwritten (or what looked like handwritten) copy of this for the longest time, and was meaning to "glam" it up by setting it properly in a graphics program. I found this trolling the Internet and its way better than anything I could do!


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Disaster, thy name is woman

I haven't posted in a while as I have been very busy authoring new training materials. However, two headlines caught my eye whilst obtaining my daily dose over at The Spearhead which I couldn't resist:
  1. Women's society chief jailed for stealing £250,000 from members and spending it all on holidays and internet gambling
  2. Headteacher, 44, stole thousands from school fund to pay for daughter's hen night pirate costumes
In both, the women were only given small sentences or suspended sentences for their concupiscence.
As one commentator said: "When women commit a crime we always want to understand, but if it is a man, he just deserves to be punished." That is complete and utter bollocks. There is only one name for this type of double standard - it is the Pussy Pass.
Another commentator remarked: "She's a woman." Which, to me, says it all.

So these are but two shining examples of "women are better than men".
I am very sure there are more. Much more.
Then again, feminism has always trumpeted that "women can do better".
Let us see the evidence of that.
For example, can Japan get itself back on track with grrrrrrl power alone? Or can the grrrrrl power of Brazil's new President, Dilma Rousseff, solve the age-old problem of the street legions?

As an ode to grrrl power, in the early days before the Libyan crisis escalated, the Dutch sent three marines including one woman, to rescue a trapped Dutch national. From all the reports, it was obvious the womyn was sent to "man the guns", which were easily captured by the Libyan side. So much for that! (See original articles and stubs here.)

Let us see.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Poll Results

About a month ago I posted a poll to see if the small following I have would agree that the tide is turning for feminism.

Here are the results:
12 people voted.
7 said "Yes"
1 said "No"
3 said "Not yet"
1 said "I don't know"

Perhaps the latest reform, in which Proposed Reforms Will Make It Easier To Convict Your Son Of Rape Even If He's Innocent might just tip the scales. The anger of men is growing steadily by the day, helped along by talk shows like A Voice For Men Radio and articles from The Spearhead. Every Men's Rights site I log on to has the ire bursting at the seams. Sooner or later, that will explode and we might see the return to the violence of the 60s riots, complete with burning buildings and detritus in its wake.

Maybe it won't come to that. Evil has a way of turning itself on the perpetrator. Like Ouroboros (the snake eating its own tail), this stab at more feminist superiority may just backfire, as Rex Patriarch has hinted at in this post.

I hope it does!

Monday, February 28, 2011

A Voice For Men radio show

A new era in Men's Rights Activism has arrived - a radio show devoted to men!

The esteemed Paul Elam (A Voice for Men) together with a Spearhead regular known only as Keyster are collaborating to bring this to us.

For those of you not in the know, Paul Elam is the (considered) enfant terrible of the feminist sphere with his works and writings. March 1st, when this long-awaited radio show debuts, it will be one significant step in sending feminism back to the boondocks where it rightfully belongs.

A small call for funding is also in order. A talk show is expensive to produce, especially if it's your first. So please head on down to Tom Leykis, tell him about the new show and you will donate four dollars to AVfM! Remember to leave a note here too so you may stand up and be counted.

Two days and counting and a new day has come (I hate Celine Dion but that was apt!)!


Monday, February 21, 2011

L'art d'insulter des femmes -Take Two

Sequels can sometimes backfire, as movie sequels often do.
But my first post on this subject was wildly popular (I do praise myself).
So here, then are a few more rejoinders for your use.

Modern One-liners - 2
- I'll man up when you woman down.
- I don't have to get some balls honey ... I was born with 'em!
- The two I have are two more than you'll ever have.
- I don't have a small dick ... Its your cooch that's cavernous ... I'll be lost in there.
- Jeez, you're fat ... Really, really - FAT.
- Even the tide wouldn't take her out!
- She is so ugly she could make onions cry.
- Yes you're pretty ... pretty stupid.
- Why do you even get up in the morning?
- Her face could turn Medusa to stone.

Deadly put-downs
- Diarrhea of the mouth, constipation of ideas.
- Keep talking, someday you’ll say something intelligent.
- If you really want to know about mistakes you should ask your parents.
- Do you still love nature....despite what it did to you?
- Words can not express how much ... I hate you.
- I've come across decomposed bodies that are less offensive than you are.
- She's got a body that won't quit and a brain that won't start.
- You could throw her in the river and skim ugly for two days.

Famous Insults, by Famous Names
- "That woman speaks eight languages and can't say "no" in any of them." (Dorothy Parker)
- "She never lets ideas interrupt the easy flow of her conversation." (Jean Webster)
- "She never was really charming till she died." (Terence)
- "You're a good example of why some animals eat their young." (Jim Samuels)
- "Pushing forty? She's hanging on for dear life." (Ivy Compton-Burnett)
- "Every time I look at you I get a fierce desire to be lonesome." (Oscar Levant)
- "The perfection of rottenness." (William James)
- "Yeah, she's beautiful, but you can't find her IQ with a flashlight." (From "The Greatest American Hero")
- "A woman's mind is cleaner than a man's. She changes it more often." (Oliver Herford)
- "Women's intuition is the result of millions of years of not thinking." (Rupert Hughes)
- "That young girl is one of the least benightedly unintelligent organic life forms it has been my profound lack of pleasure not to be able to avoid meeting." (Douglas Adams)
- "And you, madam are [insert word of choice]. But I shall be sober in the morning." (Winston Churchill)

The All-Time Classic of Classics
"How dare you!"

The Ultimate Modern Classic
"Yo! Feminist, do it yourself!"

That last was discovered in the comments section of The Spearhead, in response to an article entitled In Stalinist Academic Climate, Candid Thoughts Prompt Career Liquidation; and was penned by a commenter who styled himself as The Private Man.
This must now rank as my all-time new favourite. To be used when womyn will denigrate men to her liking but will expect them to jump to her bidding if she waggles her finger. Remember it was the Femicunts who loudly proclaimed "Women need men like a fish needs a bicycle"? My response to that from henceforth will be - Yo! Feminist, do it yourself!


Friday, February 11, 2011

Boycott February 14th - a "Nomance" Day

The time has come.
"What time?" you may ask.
That time of year when womyn the world over transmogrify into demanding entitlement princesses in the name of love.
Yes, we are talking about V-Day - Valentine's Day.

Over at The Spearhead, an article has been posted leading to something that has been published on Yahoo ("The 6 Mistakes Men Make On Valentine's Day") that is nothing more than orgiastic revelling of misandry. And, as Zed, the Spearhead author, rightly points out, "just kidding" is NO excuse for man-bashing.

I call, for the second time running, a BOYCOTT on 14th February:
  1. Its all about her.
  2. Its phony, expected, guilt-driven, overpriced.
  3. Its all about her.
  4. Facebook says it’s Breakup Day.
  5. Its all about her.
(Thanks to Marc Rudov - both the tips and the picture)

If these womyn think that treating men like dogs is hilarious (odious JC Penney ad) and then expecting them to pander to her entitlement princess greed with flowers, chocolates, champagne, jewellery et al is pushing it.

Not worth the trouble. And in case you didn't get my import the first time around, allow me to repeat it a little more emphatically - NOT WORTH IT!

Like Marc Rudov, I will gladly do nice things if the woman is worth it. Did you hear that? IF THE WOMAN IS WORTH IT. Most of the time, SHE'S NOT.

Take it from me - reading Rudov is a must-do. Its the best street education next to Tom Leykis. You will come away with an arsenal's worth of logical ammunition to defend against the stupidest, most one-sided and commercialized excuse ever fabricated by the merchant-maureens to part company with your money to a harridan who, most decidedly, does not deserve a single cent of it!


Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I respond to comments ...

After weeks of wrestling with a horrendous workload -the school I teach in is in the process of accreditation, and a 4½-year old PC that decided he would throw up screen interference "for the heck of it!", I'm back in business. And that's after spending a couple of hours repairing outdated/corrupted drivers. I won't bore you so I'll pass on the gory details.

For those of you who commented, apologies for getting the comments out so late, but I've published them. And to Fidelbogen (The Counter-Feminist), that link to Gynocentrism Theory was excellent! Thanks for that. So good it was I have added it to my blogroll.

Captain NoMarriage and MarkyMark have both likened me to Tom Leykis. That I take as a compliment. There is no way I can be as gutsy/ballsy as Leykis - the man is an institution unto himself! I do claim to be inspired by Leykis, having heard several of his podcasts, most notably the one where a man named Angelo spiked his used condom with Arby's Horsey Sauce. I can't, for the life of me, locate the original though. However, at least two websites have referred to it - Elusive Wapiti and Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Technology - so go and have a listen. Its a YouTube video but its more like a radio talkshow and its drop-dead funny.

There have been increasing calls to temper our tone. I refute that. This was at the back of my head for some time now and it saw birth when I read an article at the Spearhead: Should Men Tame Their Rhetoric? Further on, a call for donations descended into a not-so-pretty exchange between a (cloaked) mangina who goes by the name of Eoghan, and several of The Spearhead's regular posters/commentors. The gist of the exchange was that we should use rhetoric and civil speech to counter the feminists. This ding-donged back and forth between several commentators until E. Steven Berkimer from The False Rape Society lashed out with this gem of a reply:
You want to civilly talk to feminists like Futrelle. Feel free. But you really need to knock the shit off of telling other how they SHOULD talk. you don’t get to make that decision. I stop by his site regularly, and I just don’t think you realize that they consider you a joke. You aren’t making any kind of headway there. And then you have the temerity to come here, and say that men shouldn’t use brusque language. Sorry, but no. Men HAVE tried to be civil. And we got slapped down for it. Now it’s time to fight. You don’t like it, feel free to walk away. But don’t EVER presume to tell me what to say, or how to say it.
Hear! Hear! I cannot but agree wholeheartedly with that statement. My cats lash out at any one who rubs them up the wrong way, I will adopt that approach too. And sometimes when lashing out doesn't achieve the desired result, a (more) effective way is to ignore. Women cannot abide being ignored, especially when they are in their "shit-test" mode. Try it and see.

By the way, the original credit for the "World's Shortest Fairy Tale" must go to MarkyMark who published it from a submission by an anonymous reader (see original). All I did was pretty it up by setting it properly in Adobe Illustrator. I take no credit for the story other than the design.


Friday, February 04, 2011

The Lone Nut -Unequal Epigrams

According to wikipedia, Dr. Celia Green is a British philosopher whose writings encompass philosophical skepticism, twentieth-century thought, and psychology.
She is also the author of The Human Invasion, one of the most celebrated social commentaries in the 20th century. You can read this online here.


Wednesday, February 02, 2011

CNY Greetings

Lunar New Year greetings as we usher in the
Year of the Golden Rabbit!

Patterned background courtesy of Vecteezy!
Thumper appears with permission from Walt Disney Studios
The bamboo grove is kindly supplied by Nick La from studio

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Lone Nut -Hoax Crime

I'm back after a nightmare fortnight wrestling with work overload and a crashed computer -more on that later (ick!).

Anyway, its good to be "back in business" and with it, comes the latest installment in the Lone Nut comic I'm helping (unofficially) to syndicate.


Monday, January 03, 2011

Adeus Brasil, descanse em paz

Farewell Brazil, rest in peace!

That is exactly what will happen to Brazil's position as a rising power now that they've sworn in the first female successor to their wildly popular ex-President - Luis Inacio Lula da Silva.

Mrs Dilma Rousseff has already shown her true colours in her opening Congress address: "My promise is ... to honour women, to protect the most fragile, and to govern for all." (emphasis mine). Note that she places women first and everyone else second. That should raise the red flag on her feminist agenda if it wasn't already obvious just from looking at her smug mug.

According to Yahoo! News, "the coming decade looks bright for Brazil, with massive, offshore oil reserves due to be exploited and the country preparing to host the World Cup and the Olympic Games." Uh-uh, not for long. Not with a feminazi President at the helm.

Of course I stand corrected if she proves herself in the long run. That will be a rare case; a 66/1 odds inasmuch as the possibility of David and Victoria Beckham splitting up. But there are too many precedents for me not to raise this red flag seriously. Look at the number of women who have come to power and abused their position: Elena Kagan; Hilary Clinton; Sonia Sotomayor; Sarah Palin; Nancy Pelosi; Carly Fiorina; Angela Merkel, Harriet Harman, Jacqui Smith, Hazel Blears et al. Every single one of these women have brought ruin in their wake.

It can be said that the sun is at its very zenith when it starts to set. In the corporate world, each new change in management heralds the disposing of the old and the inculcation of the new. Brazil will now be entering the throes of its wane, a quick descent down the slippery slope of perdition. We, the rest of the world must stand and watch as years of toil will now be undone once Mrs Rousseff sinks her fangs in.

Requiescat in pace Brazil.
Kyrie eleison, Christe eleison,
Et lux perpetua luceat eis.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

How to handle the modern woman ... (yuck!)

In a word - with CONTEMPT.
With THE GREATEST CONTEMPT (emphasis added for effect).

Some tips on handling her:
- A date will cost no more than 40 dollars.
- She pays her share on all dates. No exceptions.
- If she objects, or decides to renege and "displays" her objections by disappearing to the washroom while the bill is arriving, ask the waiter to split the bill - yours and hers. Pay for yours, leave hers at her place, walk out and never call her again.

- Only if you must and consider it doing HER the favour.
- Always at her place or some cheap hotel. NEVER at your place.
- Use two condoms and fill both with spermicides, inside and out.
- Put a spermicidal pessary into her. If she objects, walk out.
- Fill the used condoms with Tabasco or horseradish sauce and flush it down the toilet.
Reminder: her cooch is a sinkhole of filth and diseases.
Axiom: she is an object fit for fucking and chucking. Nothing more.

In Public
- She can open the door by herself.
- If you are first in the queue, you are first in the queue.
- You do not give way to her. At all.
- If she's texting, reading a book, etc while walking, you walk straight into her, walk on and never look back.
- You keep a stony face when looking at all women at all times.
- If she's drunk or needing help, you DO NOT GO TO HER AID! EVER! You DO NOT want the risk of a molestation charge or FRA. - Better to be labelled a selfish chump and save your own skin than to go to her aid and lose it all by being falsely accused as recompense.

General Reminders
- You do not tolerate her lame excuses.
- You will not let her take even the slightest iota of advantage.
- Ordure has more worth than her.
- Slugs, bugs and beetles are higher ranking to her.
- A snake is more trustworthy than her.

"Oh, that's unfair! Why are you treating me like this? I am so not like that!"
You know what? Tough shit c**t!
Did I hear any of you speak up when men were in the grinding mill?
And until you prove yourself worthy, you are all tarred with the same brush.
As MarkyMark would say: Cry me a river bitch!


Saturday, January 01, 2011

NO! to women

I came across this obnoxious Time magazine cover whilst reading a site I hadn't visited in a while - Rebuking Feminism.

I thought this was a fine way to start 2011 - by saying "NO" to women.
Strange how women will find ways and means to vilify and/or demean men. "An empowered woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle" has been their war cry for much of 2010 and the years prior to that. As 2011 dawns and the second decade of the Millennium is well on its way, the realization that the bicycle doesn't need the fish either is slowly but surely sinking in.

But wait! It gets better! The fish will proclaim, evermore loudly and stridently that it doesn't need the bicycle, up and until something happens in which the bicycle is needed - think changing the air-conditioning ventilator, or the water in the car. Suddenly, these stinking women expect men to forget everything, automatically assume the mantle of Knight In Shining Armour and rescue her. I hate to burst the bubble for these pompous FemiStinks, but Damsels In Distress belonged to the Age of Chivalry. And Chivalry is long dead, thanks to the Femiturds.

Therefore I propose that in 2011, we say "NO" to women. All women. Since they voted en masse for a Feminist President to take the Oval Office, they can look to him when things go sour, as it ultimately will. You might think that I'm unfair in tarring all women with the same brush. Yes, since they spoke not against the tide of misandry, they are ALL guilty by association. No quarter asked and none given in return. In a later post I will offer ways to say "NO" to women.

Incidentally, notice that the cover of Time poses the rhetorical question "Are they happy?" My answer to that would be I don't know, I don't care and I don't give a flying f**k!"

Onward to a liberated 2011!