Sunday, March 06, 2011

Poll Results

About a month ago I posted a poll to see if the small following I have would agree that the tide is turning for feminism.

Here are the results:
12 people voted.
7 said "Yes"
1 said "No"
3 said "Not yet"
1 said "I don't know"

Perhaps the latest reform, in which Proposed Reforms Will Make It Easier To Convict Your Son Of Rape Even If He's Innocent might just tip the scales. The anger of men is growing steadily by the day, helped along by talk shows like A Voice For Men Radio and articles from The Spearhead. Every Men's Rights site I log on to has the ire bursting at the seams. Sooner or later, that will explode and we might see the return to the violence of the 60s riots, complete with burning buildings and detritus in its wake.

Maybe it won't come to that. Evil has a way of turning itself on the perpetrator. Like Ouroboros (the snake eating its own tail), this stab at more feminist superiority may just backfire, as Rex Patriarch has hinted at in this post.

I hope it does!

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ScareCrow said...

Just my humble opinion.

The tide has been turning for feminism for a long time.

When I was in college - like 20 years ago - nobody - and I mean nobody liked feminism or feminists.

There were a small group of pseudo-intellectual elitists that supported it in college - and unfortunately, those people were in charge.

So - like many things - it seemed to be the "in" thing - but nobody liked it.