Monday, February 28, 2011

A Voice For Men radio show

A new era in Men's Rights Activism has arrived - a radio show devoted to men!

The esteemed Paul Elam (A Voice for Men) together with a Spearhead regular known only as Keyster are collaborating to bring this to us.

For those of you not in the know, Paul Elam is the (considered) enfant terrible of the feminist sphere with his works and writings. March 1st, when this long-awaited radio show debuts, it will be one significant step in sending feminism back to the boondocks where it rightfully belongs.

A small call for funding is also in order. A talk show is expensive to produce, especially if it's your first. So please head on down to Tom Leykis, tell him about the new show and you will donate four dollars to AVfM! Remember to leave a note here too so you may stand up and be counted.

Two days and counting and a new day has come (I hate Celine Dion but that was apt!)!



Ernest Chatham, MSW said...

Thanks for providing me with this information. I'll get right on it!

Santo Christoforo, MD said...

Terrific News! I can't wait to tune the show in. It's bound to be good.