Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I respond to comments ...

After weeks of wrestling with a horrendous workload -the school I teach in is in the process of accreditation, and a 4½-year old PC that decided he would throw up screen interference "for the heck of it!", I'm back in business. And that's after spending a couple of hours repairing outdated/corrupted drivers. I won't bore you so I'll pass on the gory details.

For those of you who commented, apologies for getting the comments out so late, but I've published them. And to Fidelbogen (The Counter-Feminist), that link to Gynocentrism Theory was excellent! Thanks for that. So good it was I have added it to my blogroll.

Captain NoMarriage and MarkyMark have both likened me to Tom Leykis. That I take as a compliment. There is no way I can be as gutsy/ballsy as Leykis - the man is an institution unto himself! I do claim to be inspired by Leykis, having heard several of his podcasts, most notably the one where a man named Angelo spiked his used condom with Arby's Horsey Sauce. I can't, for the life of me, locate the original though. However, at least two websites have referred to it - Elusive Wapiti and Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Technology - so go and have a listen. Its a YouTube video but its more like a radio talkshow and its drop-dead funny.

There have been increasing calls to temper our tone. I refute that. This was at the back of my head for some time now and it saw birth when I read an article at the Spearhead: Should Men Tame Their Rhetoric? Further on, a call for donations descended into a not-so-pretty exchange between a (cloaked) mangina who goes by the name of Eoghan, and several of The Spearhead's regular posters/commentors. The gist of the exchange was that we should use rhetoric and civil speech to counter the feminists. This ding-donged back and forth between several commentators until E. Steven Berkimer from The False Rape Society lashed out with this gem of a reply:
You want to civilly talk to feminists like Futrelle. Feel free. But you really need to knock the shit off of telling other how they SHOULD talk. you don’t get to make that decision. I stop by his site regularly, and I just don’t think you realize that they consider you a joke. You aren’t making any kind of headway there. And then you have the temerity to come here, and say that men shouldn’t use brusque language. Sorry, but no. Men HAVE tried to be civil. And we got slapped down for it. Now it’s time to fight. You don’t like it, feel free to walk away. But don’t EVER presume to tell me what to say, or how to say it.
Hear! Hear! I cannot but agree wholeheartedly with that statement. My cats lash out at any one who rubs them up the wrong way, I will adopt that approach too. And sometimes when lashing out doesn't achieve the desired result, a (more) effective way is to ignore. Women cannot abide being ignored, especially when they are in their "shit-test" mode. Try it and see.

By the way, the original credit for the "World's Shortest Fairy Tale" must go to MarkyMark who published it from a submission by an anonymous reader (see original). All I did was pretty it up by setting it properly in Adobe Illustrator. I take no credit for the story other than the design.


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