Friday, February 11, 2011

Boycott February 14th - a "Nomance" Day

The time has come.
"What time?" you may ask.
That time of year when womyn the world over transmogrify into demanding entitlement princesses in the name of love.
Yes, we are talking about V-Day - Valentine's Day.

Over at The Spearhead, an article has been posted leading to something that has been published on Yahoo ("The 6 Mistakes Men Make On Valentine's Day") that is nothing more than orgiastic revelling of misandry. And, as Zed, the Spearhead author, rightly points out, "just kidding" is NO excuse for man-bashing.

I call, for the second time running, a BOYCOTT on 14th February:
  1. Its all about her.
  2. Its phony, expected, guilt-driven, overpriced.
  3. Its all about her.
  4. Facebook says it’s Breakup Day.
  5. Its all about her.
(Thanks to Marc Rudov - both the tips and the picture)

If these womyn think that treating men like dogs is hilarious (odious JC Penney ad) and then expecting them to pander to her entitlement princess greed with flowers, chocolates, champagne, jewellery et al is pushing it.

Not worth the trouble. And in case you didn't get my import the first time around, allow me to repeat it a little more emphatically - NOT WORTH IT!

Like Marc Rudov, I will gladly do nice things if the woman is worth it. Did you hear that? IF THE WOMAN IS WORTH IT. Most of the time, SHE'S NOT.

Take it from me - reading Rudov is a must-do. Its the best street education next to Tom Leykis. You will come away with an arsenal's worth of logical ammunition to defend against the stupidest, most one-sided and commercialized excuse ever fabricated by the merchant-maureens to part company with your money to a harridan who, most decidedly, does not deserve a single cent of it!



Ernest Chatham said...

Thanks Roy. Good piece. We need a pseudo-holiday of our own. The first of April can be changed to Feminist False Accusation Day.

Ernest Chatham said...

I invite you to visit the SWF Forum. Your input is welcomed and valued.