Friday, January 04, 2013

Must read ...

I happened across this wonderful essay by one who calls himself Sociopathic Revelation (SR) and he runs a blog called Feminist Apocalypse a.k.a. Failures for Goddesses.

The essay itself (read it here) was inspired by another piece by The Black Pill (you knew him formerly as Omega Virgin Revolt), entitled Men Get Rejected More Than Women By Any Metric. Both are wonderful pieces of writing, with nothing of the eternal solipsism from the feminist mind to taint it.

This got me thinking. As I mentioned in a comment to SR, the woman feminist sow of today, empowered by her hypergamy, cheered on by the VAWA and NAWALT lobbies entitles herself to think she can get away with murder. High on "grrrrrllllll POWAH!" she will waltz through her 20s, disdaining every man who does not live up to her hyper-inflated sense of worth and ego. She will wake up with the proverbial hangover, on the wrong side of 30, and acid disposition and even more shrewish tongue, to wail "WAAAAHHHHHH! Nobody wants me! Where have all the good men gone?"

The answer is, not surprisingly, gone to the hills. They have all fled the toxicity her very presence fouls the atmosphere with. In other words, the men have all Gone Their Own Way, to build a life, plan for their own retirement; anything which does not involve anything to do with a woman's megrims.

Even as I write, a new species is emerging - the Female MRA. This was brought squarely into my focus when I read of Erin Pizzey (a nasty and particularly virulent mutation of radical feminism) joining the ranks of A Voice For Men! As I see it, Paul Elam had long lost the plot with his shrill debates. Now in the hiring of Pizzey, herself even more suspect than a 3-dollar bill, and I'd like to see the drama play out in 2013!

IMHO, there is no such thing as a female MRA. They are all tarred with the same brush. Their embrasure of the so-called Mens' Rights Movement has only one motive - bore from within, sow the seeds of discord and watch the infrastructure collapse. In that, all feminists are alike.

This piece has turned into quite a rant. But 2013 is still very young. Plenty of time to watch feminists run screaming as the tide turns. VAWA has already stymied, so hopefully that is a sign of the times.


Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy 2013

I wish all my brothers who have Gone Their Own Way
a very fruitful 2013!

(original art courtesy of Vector Open Stock
additional wording my own)