Sunday, March 27, 2011

Disaster, thy name is woman

I haven't posted in a while as I have been very busy authoring new training materials. However, two headlines caught my eye whilst obtaining my daily dose over at The Spearhead which I couldn't resist:
  1. Women's society chief jailed for stealing £250,000 from members and spending it all on holidays and internet gambling
  2. Headteacher, 44, stole thousands from school fund to pay for daughter's hen night pirate costumes
In both, the women were only given small sentences or suspended sentences for their concupiscence.
As one commentator said: "When women commit a crime we always want to understand, but if it is a man, he just deserves to be punished." That is complete and utter bollocks. There is only one name for this type of double standard - it is the Pussy Pass.
Another commentator remarked: "She's a woman." Which, to me, says it all.

So these are but two shining examples of "women are better than men".
I am very sure there are more. Much more.
Then again, feminism has always trumpeted that "women can do better".
Let us see the evidence of that.
For example, can Japan get itself back on track with grrrrrrl power alone? Or can the grrrrrl power of Brazil's new President, Dilma Rousseff, solve the age-old problem of the street legions?

As an ode to grrrl power, in the early days before the Libyan crisis escalated, the Dutch sent three marines including one woman, to rescue a trapped Dutch national. From all the reports, it was obvious the womyn was sent to "man the guns", which were easily captured by the Libyan side. So much for that! (See original articles and stubs here.)

Let us see.

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