Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Axioms for the Feminist

I'm in my "Tom Leykis" mood again - in part spurred by a (very heavy) dosage of reading from some of the blogs in my Roll of Honour.

The current postulation is that violence against women is rising. Anti-feminist sentiment too. Given that the femistinks have been proselytising their anti-male and male hate agenda for some time now, with especial virulence in the past few years, this should come as no surprise.

I certainly do not espouse violence to women. Not worth it. That would be handing the trump card right into their very, entitled, hands. Instead, I advocate the use of disgust, scorn, contempt even, with encountering them. Couple that with a "you're-so-stupid-its-unbelievable" attitude and you have an interesting counter-offensive in the making.

So, in my best "Tom Leykis" style, I offer the following axioms for dealing with the femskank/femnasty:

  1. She can pay for it herself.
  2. She can fix it herself.
  3. She buy it with her own money.
  4. We do not want her (smelly) fish).
  5. You do not go to her aid.
  6. You do not acknowledge her.
Short as that list may be, it encapsulates all that is needed to deal with the "empowered" woman - the "you go grrrrrrrllllll" type.
I offer my rallying cry in closing: "Yo! Feminist! Do it yourself!"


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ScareCrow said...

I like to make faces at women frequently.

I also do the opposite of what many of them ask me.


I was outside a starbucks, enjoying some coffee. A woman drove up in her SUV - there were three little "Paris Hilton" style dogs in it. She got out of the car and started walking towards the starbucks.

She said, "Oh, could you please not look at my dogs - they get excited easily and start barking".

I replied, "No, I am going to make faces at them".

I put my thumbs in my ears, and started making the raspberry while twirling my hands.

All of her dogs went nutty and started barking, snapping and growling at the window in her car.

She gave me a dirty look.

Other people outside were trying hard not to laugh as I made a complete ass out of myself.

I tell ya, it felt real good.