Friday, September 16, 2011

Jessica Valenti - Suprema Bigota

I haven't posted in a long while as work has been getting the better of me - the devil's in the details as they say. But when I chanced on this over at In Mala Fide, I could not resist - Jessica Valenti Has a Foul-Smelling Vagina: It’s Google Bomb Time Once Again.

Its time to FTSU and push our Bigotus Supremus, the lovely Miss Jessica Valenti, to the top of the Google listings. Make doubly sure she has no place left on earth to hide. - About Jessica Valenti.

Incidentally, I don't ever want to know what that bigot's cooch smells like -hazarding a guess, it would probably reek of all the stale fish guts from yesteryear (eeww!), and it would probably put me off food for the rest of my life! She could make a fortune peddling that to the slimming regimes. Now there's a thought!


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