Thursday, May 19, 2011

De plus en plus (Extra! Extra!)

This is hot news of the press though I may be late in reporting it - coming from this side of the planet.

As Taco from his (long-forgotten) hit of the early 80's Tribute to Tino would say "get a hold of this one!" - the REAL name of Dominique Strauss-Kahn's (false) accuser is Nafissatou Diallo. And here's a lovely mug of her too, courtesy of an anonymous commentor from an article in Le Figaro:

(Note that the picture has been cropped to remove all the unnecessary details - just the smirking mug suffices.)

It would be a case in point to note, as mentioned by Ferdinand Bardamu (In Mala Fide) that this particularly foul specimen of ordure is (1) a black female; (2)  a DIVORCED (update from The SpearheadMUSLIM and (3) immigrant (apparently she was originally from Ghana); and something definitely smells over-ripe here. We should also remind ourselves that black women are the most toxic and disgusting creatures to ever walk the surface of this earth.

IMO I find it odd that FRAs against male high-flyers and/or socialites and/or prestigious figures is fast becoming a trendy game of "witch hunting" for the accusers. And the bluer the blood the faster the accusations pile up. Consider the Tiger Woods case - within hours of that deranged bitch Erin throwing a blue fit, prostitutes were lining up to claim they had sex with Woods. Or how about the Rothlisberger case? And Julian Assange? So it stands to reason as being odd that a man like Strauss-Kahn, hitherto portrayed as a paragon of French society should suddenly stare a false rape accusation from out of the blue. For your enjoyment, you can read all the glorious inconsistencies, irregularities and tripe in Nafissatou Diallo's recount of her rape here.

What have they, these false accusers, to lose? Think about it - even if the case ultimately becomes inadmissible, they will likely find fame on their side, lucrative endorsements chasing them, book deals, a spot on Oprah ... the list goes on. But what is sweetest for them, perhaps, is that a member of the evil patriarchy would have been smeared/tainted by the accusation and jailed for it. You go grrrrrlll!

The femiskanks will always be silent on this one. Its grist to their mill after all - one less evil member of the patriarchy means one step closer to their ideal of female supremacy, with their Victim Card the ace up the sleeve. I make it a point to remind myself, constantly, after reading several articles on the subject, that women do lie. If they have to sacrifice someone, especially a man, preferably a boy, to save their hide, they will do so and without compunction or backward thoughts.

That is why I labour on, unasked, unthanked, probably reviled and derided, from my little corner of the Far East. to spread the word about these false accusers the moment their true identities are published and can be verified. I do it for my fellow MRA and MGTOW brothers. I do it so the groundswell against false accusations may gain momentum and, hopefully, credibility.

Most of all, I do it willingly and gladly.

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