Sunday, May 08, 2011

Comment Gem

I came across this reading the comments to a newly posted article (read here) on Athol Kay's book - Married Men Sex Life at The Spearhead.
Treating a dog with indifference is cruel. Treating a western woman with indifference is what she deserves.
This is from a regular commentator who goes by the moniker Peter-Andrew: Nolan (c), and his comments make jolly good reading!

Of course, the rabid femistinks and femiskanks will be quick to decry this; while those disenchanted with feminism's excesses will be equally quick to rally under the NAWALT banner. I myself would paraphrase that comment to read "all women", not just "a western woman"; and not just indifference, but outright scorn, disgust and loathing.


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Captain No Marriage said...

Women hate indifference! I love it! The look on their face when they realize you don't give a f!@k about them is priceless!