Sunday, May 22, 2011


Christine Armstrong of The Lighthouse, a (somewhat dubious) domestic abuse services program running on (yours and my) tax dollars, has gone on a rampage calling people out by name and declaring that they should be placed on government watchlists.

Amongst some of the people she targeted were Paul Elam (A Voice for Men) and William Price (The Spearhead). She also published libellous comments on a disgusting website called Girly Manboobz (I won't even link to it - its that bad!).

Bad mistake.

Paul Elam has gone on the offensive to shame her (read it here and here) and the end result, cutting a long story short is that she seems to have gone into the woodwork.

But that should not stop us from giving her a taste of her own medicine. Here are her details as well as a lovely mug for all to deride:

Full Name: Christine Armstrong
Position: Development & Communications Director
Address: The Lighthouse, P.O. Box 531 Robertsdale, AL 36567
Phone: 251-947-6197

Remember she is a ostensibly a public servant. Therefore making unfounded claims in a public forum is unacceptable. This should be an object lesson to her (well, anyone), that if you want to f**k around with bloggers in the men's movement, you'd better not be so visible. Once's the writing's on the wall - watch out!


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ScareCrow said...

I Shall Mock HER MYSELF!