Saturday, August 05, 2006

As of today...

Hi Web!

As of today, I've decided to join the masses and blog! Yes you read that right! This old man is going to be a blogger!! Well, as they say "if you can't beat 'em, join'em!"!

I suppose it's inevitable that I blog - keeping a written journal is passé and I just can't face the thought of writing in it every day. Besides I type better (and faster) than I write! Also, maintaining a forum/discussion board is too much work, so blog! - blogoramus cogito sum (corrupt Latin but what the hell? for "I blog therefore I am".)

I'm 39 years old, male, mixed Chinese (that's me in the photo but I have a mustache now and don't have a recent snap yet); and live and work in Steamy Singapore. Actually its not **that** bad, just hot, and I for one cannot support the heat. People have joked I should be living in the Arctic Ice, sort of a Pablo the Penguin in reverse -hah!
I'm a trainer in IT, multimedia to be precise, and I do adult classroom stand-up training - no snotty-nosed brats for me! Currently I'm in limbo, developing a Diploma programme that will ultimately be taught in NUS Extension (I hope!).

More of me in a later post - for now, this is enough to get started. I'll be back soon!

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