Saturday, February 10, 2007

I'm back!!

Phew! After months of grappling with a hectic schedule and a flickering network connection, I'm back blogging - I've come to the awful realization that its been almost 6 months of silence!
Since that day in August when the connections went awry, much has happened. I've finally put on weight (OK, OK its only 2 pounds, but when you consider the last time I gained weight was during my conscription days in 1987, you're looking at a minor miracle!); broke up with my girlfriend and saw her return; had minor altercations with hair (yes, we're talking about the hair on your head!); came a-crupper with modern-day suffragettes; and had to seriously rethink my stance on undergarments! All this will be revealed in future posts.
Upon further reading, some of you may be wondering: is this a blog in the purest sense of the word? If you're thinking along the lines that a blog is an online diary, then no. I certainly don't blog daily - my life isn't sufficiently colourful enough for that! But I do "cook" my posts carefully, each one reveals my thoughts or feelings on a particular topic or issue. And that, is also the essence of blogging.

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