Sunday, December 13, 2009

Women ARE Stupid -The Irrefutable Proof IV

Deloitte & Touche are a respectable accountancy firm.
Or so till recently.

Ms Holly "cunt-for-brains" Leam-Taylor sent a saucy email to a small group of her like-minded colleague ilk.
The email was a vote on the most attractive men in her office.
She had intended it as a "light-hearted joke to celebrate Christmas".
Or so she thought.

She ought to have known that:
1. Corporate email is for corporate matters; and
2. Email, like anything on the internet, has a peculiar tendency to spread like a bushfire.

To say that her bosses were not impressed was an understatement.
It cost her her job.
Although I wonder if she left voluntarily or was made to leave?
Even she herself admitted in the email her actions "massively violates the HR equal opportunities policy".
But she did it anyway.
Stupid? Or shit-faced stupid?
Not much to choose there.

Maybe she'll get round to fixing it it next time.

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