Thursday, April 22, 2010

A new vocabulary is birthed

Reading the pages of The Spearhead, I am always amazed at the amount of new stuff and ideologies one can learn.

Today was a locus classicus - I learned some new words to infuriate the feminists:
  • fembot - hardcore female supremacist with a punitive interest in men
  • femorrhoid - a female asshole, and a very sore one too
  • feminazi - like a fembot but spouts predictable and completely brain-dead verbiage
  • feminidiots - total lack of understanding of words
  • feminasty - self explanatory
  • femcunt - see "femorrhoid" above
  • fembitch - fat and hideous version of fembot and/or feminazi
  • femitard - retarded and/or stupid feminist
  • femislut - self explanatory
At the end of the day, no word coined in recent years can match the words of yore. I'm thinking of words like "cow" and "sow", Anglo-Saxon words that are innocuous yet carry a wonderful tang when used in the right context.

Try them and see. You'll enjoy using the old-fashioned phrases, especially since they are so rarely heard these days as to become deadly. For my part, I'm going to try using a word I picked up from the comments section in The Spearhead - "rogure" (to have sex with, a colonial form of the word "roger").

Have fun!

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