Saturday, May 29, 2010

Marry me and die

The name of this swine is Arelisha Bridges - a cow who claimed she was unemployed but was actually a registered lobbyist for a group fighting domestic  violence. (Read the original article here.)

The irony? She killed her own husband five days after their wedding.

And what are the chances of her being convicted to serve time? Nada because for certain the P-Pass will reign supreme here. Already her lawyers are claiming she was abused in the course of that short relationship (!!)

This is an object lesson for men, not just men in their late twenties - the age of her deceased husband - but all men, as to the rewards that bowing to societal pressure and marrying will do to you. As The Spearhead itself puts it so succintly: "’s safe to say, a 26 year old man marrying a 45 year old feminist activist was a relationship destined to end badly".

Even in the comments the fact that she was a cougar feminasty was evident, with one commentator, going by the name of mgtow saying "Young men, older men all need to take note of this. These are unusual times, and you do not need ‘commitment’ or the sharing of living space to get poon. In fact, I guarantee you that you will be healthier, happier, safer and richer when you lay women without the excess garbage restrictions and baggage, such as sharing living space(no DV, no defacto, no joint bank accounts) or being subject to marriage contract law(no in-laws, no alimony, no child support if you guard your sperm supply). Of course it’s best if you can do without sex. But if you carnally fratenize with women, it’s in your best interest to see them less than adult human beings and more as pieces of meat for your enjoyment. Never be ensnared by that biochemical reaction in your mind you like to call ‘love’."

In that same thread, Rebel says it best: "If we can wake-up enough men about their situation, they might make the changes they need to make: for instance, ban marriage forever from their lives and leave women to their own designs."

I couldn't agree more!

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Paul Elam said...

Great piece Roy. Give 'em hell.