Thursday, September 20, 2012

Those topless photos ... and should we care

No one can have escaped the fact that the world is titillated, and the Royal Family in a lather, over published topless photos of their latest darling, Kate Middleton.

Firstly, Kate Middleton is no darling. Her blood isn't even blue. She's just another filthy, feminist commoner who happened to catch the eye of Prince William, and successfully married him. We should remember, in passing, that their so-called "romance" was called off twice.

Now that Kate-y has married into the Royal Family, I don't think she honestly put it into her head that she's a public figure. That's feminist stupidity for you - do first, then blame someone else; anybody, but yourself.

Did she honestly think she could prance about topless and not be caught by some lurking paparazzi? Now she's been caught with her pants down, or more correctly, with her top off, she tries to summon righteous indignation and involve everybody. C'mon Kate-y, grow up! Moral of the story: if you don't want your boobies displayed for the world to see - KEEP 'EM COVERED UP!

IMHO, she ought to be glad someone snapped pictures of her while she's still in her prime, relatively speaking. Fast forward another few years, when the stress of being in the public eye plus a couple of womb turds rugrats royal babies have taken their toll, topless photos of her may be more turn-off than than turn on!

Maybe she'll get it next time.


ScareCrow said...

Please keep in mind that Kate, like many royal people in Britain - are in fact the result of countless generations of rampant unchecked inbreeding.


ScareCrow said...

I wonder...

How much would a lap dance from a member of the royal family cost?

And - honestly - would it even be worth it?