Saturday, November 10, 2012

DEATH Thy Name is ... Woman

Two recent events inspired this blog post: one the handover of family-owned business Lacoste to the Maus group, the other the disgrace of CIA Director David Petraeus.

In both cases, the common factor was -- **drum roll** -- a WOMAN!!!

With family-owned Lacoste sportwear, patriarch Michel Lacoste's displeasure and opposition to his daughter Sophie being appointed non-executive chairman has led both to cede their shares so that Maus-Frere now has the controlling stake (read it here). Although Sophie Lacoste has described the move as being "extremely painful", that is a disgusting hypocrisy in the face of the 200-300 million she will receive from the sale of her share.

And I can't even think of what David Petraeus was about when he tangled with his biographer, Paula Broadwell (read some of the comments here). Everyone knows that American Women are toxic nuclear waste, and married ones the worst of the worst.

At the end of the road is my conclusion, one that I arrived at many moons ago - if your organization is run by a woman, that organization is DOOMED; if you deal with a modern woman on any level, then YOU are DOOMED.