Monday, October 29, 2007

Dear blog, I have just realised that a whole 6 months have gone by with no post -whooo! But then, that's me (as ABBA would say). I notice things, I cook posts (slowly) before I actually post them for what I hope is entertaining reading.
Anyway, I'm in the process of moving house with all the accoutrements that accompany a move. Everyone mentions this, but you don't really take notice till you move: when packing/unpacking you will come across items you never knew you possessed! Strange but true!
Still, the world progresses. A temporarily halted blog doesn't mean things don't happen. Much has occurred to catch my attention - the denigration of men (by women), the gay issue and now Chinese women. Posts will ensue to develop these alarming trends of thought. Watch this space.
But the headline which just caught my attention was that of a Chinese woman claiming that "Singaporean men are stupid".
I don't normally care for women, much less Chinese ones and utterly fail to see their charms -if they possess any that is. They are loud, uncouth, shrewish, demanding, greedy ... and these are their good points. So to read that headline, blazoning an article in the New Paper made me laugh. Who is this woman to make such a preposterous claim? Has she studied the Singaporean male so thoroughly to publish, without a shadow of doubt this statement? Has she forgotten that in several other issues, the international community daggers are pointed at China? viz. -
(1) the Mattel lead paint toy scandal;
(2) the pei du mamas;
(3) SARS;
(4) Qiqihar No. 2 Pharmaceutical Co -diglycol;
(5) organ trading;
(6) contaminated food & consumer products;
... etc., etc.,
In her case, uncouth, loutish and unlikely unlettered behemoth that she is, was probably slighted and goes all out in an offensive that can only spell doom for her and her ilk. She has probably counted on short-term memory to eradicate the fact that Chinese prostitutes target old men mainly for their CPF money. If I haven't forgotten that, you can bet there are people out there who haven't either!
But I'm not going to use precious blog column inches on what is essentially a waste of time. Watch this space though - the blogger is back!

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