Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Women ARE Stupid -The Irrefutable Proof 1

For those of you who have experienced a double-take at the title - yes, I'm back and spoiling for a fight! I'll admit that I haven't been especially conscientious about updating my blog. But then I've wanted to. All it needed was for a subject to present itself suitably erudite and blog-worthy. This then, is the start of a new series devoted to the topic of woman bashing.

femme fatales had it coming. A long time coming. In the name of equality aka feminism, they've stolen away men's rights and made becoming a man odious. In the interim when I discovered the MGTOW website (Men Going Their Own Way) - mgtow.net - I've garnered an entire fusillade of arguments against women and feminism.

But the proof is in the pudding! I hear you cry. Yes, I promised the proof and here is proof number one.

This happened yesterday in the public washrooms of Citylink. A woman walked into the men's room! Admittedly the door was open. Ah, but did she check the sign on the door before descending like a battleship in full sail? No. Nor did she notice that there were at least 3 men at the sinks staring at her, or the fact that I was on my way out and was
vis-à-vis her. Only when she encountered the line of urinals and several more men with their you-know-whats hanging out, doing what men do did she turn tail screaming. And of course it was the man's fault - it always is!

A current anecdote claims a woman's mind is cleaner. The punch line being that they change it more often! But its incidents like this that remind me a woman is not the whitewashed creature she makes herself out to be. And when I remember Carly Fiorina, I'm glad that I've taken the Vow of Brotherhood and Gone My Own Way.


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