Sunday, July 05, 2009

A change in direction

Realizing that more than a year has slipped by with no post is disconcerting.

Realizing that notable luminaries in the Mens' Rights Activism (MRA) circle -MarkyMark for one- has added you to his blogroll and you have no new posts to show is downright dismaying.

In the past I was a lurker on the boards and forums for Mens' Rights, along with notable websites for anti-misandry. Getting into a state of righteous indignation was well and good. BUT ... I also realized that getting all worked up from the comfort of your armchair while others pulled the plough was not cool. So I have decided that my hand must till the land too.

Unfortunately I am only one man, and one man in Singapore where misandry is slowly but surely encroaching. What is one to do? Campaigning against Singapore's draconian government is folly. I can, thus, only spread the word by blogging. Hopefully men will read, open their eyes and above all, know what is befalling them.

All my previous posts were carefully "cooked" before being published. This ensured I had said what needed saying in the best possible language. While I am not about to remove those older postings, current and future posts will now reflect what's currently happening, especially if the subject is MRA and/or anti-misandry. I'm not above the occasionally "cooked" post (there are several waiting in the wings) for reader enjoyment. By and large, this new direction should enable me to post with greater frequency.


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