Saturday, July 11, 2009

Misandric Company = Boycott

Stand Your Ground ( has a fabulous list of companies that ABSOLUTELY must be boycotted from the misandric tone of their advertising. This ranges from mildy offensive (but offensive nevertheless) jokes making fun of men, to downright odious man-bashing.

While most of the companies are American, quite a few stand out because they have reached an overseas audience too. Unfortunately, these are companies whom we ourselves patronize with nary a second thought as to the tenor of their advertising/marketing. This goes to prove that if we spread the message as far as we can reach, these companies will feel the loss of revenue and (hopefully) change their tune. Even though some of these ads are long gone, we must show these companies that MRAs are like elephants - we never forget. And if by not forgetting we vote with our feet as well as with our dollars, so much the better!

Some of these companies I now list below:
Heineken: offensive ad with Carrie-Ann Moss
Ford Motors: male-bashing commercial
Post-It Notes a.k.a 3M: misandric, prejudiced and discriminatory product captions
The Body Shop: blatant anti-male campaign
Reebok: misandric TV ads displaying men acting like fools
Walls Ice Cream (UK): male bashing commercial; entitlement princess glorified
Subway: Male-bashing ad
Liz Claiborne: Misandric report & radio ad campaign
Toys R Us: Anti-boy TV commercial
Quantas: discrimination against men, male hatred
Air New Zealand: Same as Quantas
British Airways: Same as Quantas
Nokia: Misandric ad, capitalizing off misandry
Kraft Foods: Male-bashing ad
V8: Drink radio commercial demeans men
Trojan condoms: Especially offensive & misandric commercial
Pepsi: (Unfunny, atrocious & offensive) male sexual mutilation & groin jokes
Budweiser: Same as Pepsi
Burger King: Blatant "man-slapping-by-woman" commercial

I'll be especially alert to publicise my boycott (and reasons why) of these companies from now and forever more. Definitely I've eaten my last Subway (**sigh**) and drunk my last Pepsi (**double sigh**). But sacrifices have to made for the good of MRA. If these companies blatantly profit off man-bashing then I, for one, do not want my (hard-earned) dollars to go anywhere near them. Simply put, they do not deserve it.


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