Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Feminist Mistake

MarkyMark (whose blog links to mine in the blogroll and I his likewise) had this post which made me flip. Suffice to say, its not the sort of thing I'd ideally want to read on the Fourth of July holiday. I also chose not respond to the post comment-wise, but saved it to expound here on my own blog.

This woman, Kim, begins in typical feminazi-style: "You can NOT blame this ALL on women. It’s not the women running the show when it comes to passing laws, its men. But you already knew this. So why are the MRAs bashing women?" I wonder if she'd just fallen off the turnip truck to make a statement like this. Where have the women been if not running the show for the last 40 years? Plus making snide statements along the way like The man is the head of the house and the women the neck, but its the neck that turns the head. As further proof of this exploitative manipulation, witness what the femcunts did to Obama's stimulus package ["No Country For Burly Men",].

She then goes into an orgy of whinging about being indoctrinated into the feminist mentality, about how it coloured her peceptions etc etc. At the heart of this crap (yes, that's what it is) is still the Entitlement Princess' voice - "me", "me", "me"; "I", "I", "I"; "gimme", "gimme", "gimme" (but alas for her, no Man After Midnight).

After her self-pitying and self-proselytising, the heart of the matter is the paragraph where she claims women want to hear the magic words. That women are still loved, still wanted, will still be taken care of by men. Uh, uh darling. I don't think so. After 4 decades of being told that "a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle", and force-fed the notion that men are no more than cannon-fodder in the gender war, guess what? Men have walked away! Its a surprising action. Where the masses would have expected men to fight, tooth and nail, for what's right, instead men have chosen to vote with their feet. They walked away. And are still walking away. As fast as their feet will carry them if I may add.

The worst is when she claims that feminism is a mistake. A MISTAKE!!!! And to even suggest that men are culpable in the perpetration of this odious "mistake" is too much. I speak for myself here. But I cannot, in all honesty, think of even ONE man, after 40 years of feminist claptrap, will willingly crawl contritely, cap in hand, when a woman crooks her finger and decides to write off 40 years of demonizing men as "A MISTAKE".

She then claims: "These young women are going through this, they are hurting. They aren’t acting this way because they like it. They act this way because they are told these things, and now they are lost." This is complete and utter bollocks. Women get their kicks from demeaning men, preferably publicly because they feel its cool to do so. It gives them power - Empowerment (to use a feminazi term) if you will. Then to turn around and utter that "its ok to NEED a man. Just say the words and you’ll hear the sighs of a million women in unison from across this country" is hypocrisy at its feminist best. This, with a brazen demand for, but couched in hypocritical mea culpa that we men turn around and clean up feminism's shit? Most men would say in response "STFU" and "FOS" (I'll leave you to decode those acronyms yourself!).

Feminism has already seen the signs of its implosion. Its hold was vacuous and tenuous at best. Men do not need to apologize for 40 years of Feminism. We neither wanted nor condoned Feminism although it was foisted on us nonetheless. Nor should we tolerate "mistakes" like Andrea Dworkin, Betty Friedan, Maureen O'Dowd and their ilk. It is the spawn of Feminism, the armies of women today crying out that no man will even look their way who should atone for the grievous sins they have committed against men. And beg to be restored to their rightful places as wives and mothers. Preferably on their knees.

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