Saturday, October 24, 2009

Women ARE Stupid -The Irrefutable Proof II

Jan Moir.
Where have we heard that name before?
Ahhhh - she was the one who wrote an article lambasting gay marriage which somehow managed to draw the death of Stephen Gately into the picture.

Deliberate? Or just plain S-T-U-P-I-D, stoooopiiid stupid?

Now I haven't any bone to pick if you are plain against civil unions of the homosexual variety. Its your point of view. You're entitled to it. But to write an article about it and draw in a celebrity whose recent death struck a raw chord in the music industry is just plain dumb. Even worse, the dumb bee-yotch managed to attribute Gately's death to unnatural causes (his homosexuality) and concluded, smugly, that there was no "happily ever" after for gay marriage.

But women are like that. Act first, think later. Then act shocked when the article drew an unprecedented 25,000 complaints. Even commentators on Yahoo! have purported that "if you manage offend a Daily Mail reader, you have gone too far". Did any of that register with Miss Jan 'shit-for-brains' Moir? Nope. All she cared for was the triumph of her skewed views, sans logic and compassion, and went to press with it.

After even record company Polydor registered its disgust, 'shit-for-brains' Moir did an abrupt volte-face . She issued a public apology. Yup, you read that right. She issued a public apology. She did not take down her article, nor retrace her comments, she just issued a public apology which, in the light of its oily attempts at mea culpa was really no apology at all.

Like I said, women are stupid beyond belief, as Jan Moir has demonstrated and is reinforced by the actions of Gema Revelles. For readers' interests, Revelles cooked up a false rape accusation against her former employer, then expressed disbelief that the "English authorities would take the attitude they did" and slap a nine-month prison sentence on her.

Maybe they'll get around to it next time.


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