Sunday, January 31, 2010

Double Standards - YOU decide

A 14-year-old girl sent a naked picture of herself to her boyfriend over her mobile phone. After they broke up a couple of other girls convinced him to send them the photo, which promptly spread all over Thurston County. Soon, a snitch alerted school officials, who then called the police. The boy and two girls from the original incident were promptly arrested and are facing child pornography charges that could have them all marked as sex offenders for life (read the original article here). But despite that threat, only the boy will actually face charges. The girl who sent the original photograph will not be charged with distributing child pornography!

This is a locus classicus of what is happening in downtown America and is slowly but surely spreading across the globe. As one of the comments to the article put it, that is why modern women mature into spoiled, pampered, irresponsible princesses, unable to take responsibility for their own actions and always, always blaming the men.

The fact that she (the original sender) ruined her own reputation, and her other skanks in cahoots were a driving force to cement their own power by ostracizing her, that fact will be totally lost on the media and the femcunts. What remains is that the boy will be a pawn, socially and emotionally manipulated to serve their own ends. This is the classic Pussy Pass. IOWs, that women eschew responsibility when they discover what it can do. Not surprising at all.

Many have suggested that the girl be dealt a sound whipping as in the olden days. Even that may not do anymore as another commentator opined. It may lead to the girl's father being charged for child abuse! Ever and always, she's THE VICTIM! we're never allowed to forget that.

And the boy? No more than cannon-fodder by virtue of the fact that he possesses a penis.

You now have my permission to kick the wall.

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Anonymous said...

Women are considered the fairer sex in name only, Roy. This boy's life will be ruined by the Feminist-Shining White Knight Complex. He will be made an example of and serve 6 months plus over a picture. Nothing but a digital rendering of a naked girl.

False Rape Claim Over Bad Sex