Sunday, January 31, 2010

Food for thought

So our society has created a mess where men are vilified in the classroom, fed PC rhetoric, told their life's goal is to make women happy and do anything that assists her with her goals, while simultaneously told that he is a dope, idiot and unable to care properly for children, and now people are questioning where Mr. Right went?

He just became the stereotype that society has portrayed him as for the last 20 years. It is certainly no mystery that women can no longer find "Mr. Right."

The above quote came from Dr. Helen, a Knoxville forensic psychologist who has decided to side with men in the gender war. Her posts are sacrilegious to feminism but hey! we'll take what comes our way!

However, I happen to agree with her on this one. Wimmen have force-fed men a toxic diet for 40 years, and then, somehow, expect us to shake off the effects of this poison and metamorphose into doting boyfriends/husbands/fathers. Even worse, a new trend is emerging, of women who cherry-pick between ideologies. They scream for their "empowerment", but when it comes to a date, the man pays all the way! As MarkyMark (Ten Best Ways for a Man to Impress a Woman & Five Types of Men Women Avoid) puts it, "when the paychecks come, they want equality. When the bills come due, they want chivalry."

The shoe is fast moving to the other foot. Men are rapidly waking up to the lousy proposition that a modern woman is and remove themselves from the game. We are fast approaching a situation where the products of feminist revolution see their biological clocks implode while men stay away. Far away.

So, I propose we let these feminism by-products cry and scream over the supposed dearth of "good men", while we continue being "losers" - motor-biking, a pizza and some beers anyone?


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