Friday, February 12, 2010

Doritos slaps man in the face

This is it folks, the end of the world is here: Doritos SuperBowl ad.
And according to TiVo, this was America's all-time favourite SuperBowl 44 advertisement.

I haven't seen it myself.
I don't want to see it.
I see enough of men being humiliated or portrayed as buffoons/idiots/cretins in TV commercials, soap operas, reality TV shows, even Hollywood now, to last a lifetime.

As Marc Rudov on The NoNonsense Man said: "If all of this is so funny, reverse the genders and run the same commercials again. Let’s all have a big laugh. What network, agency, and advertiser pinheads are greenlighting these anti-male commercials? Send me their names; I will publish them." Indeed, where is the outrage, especially from that (fake) guardian of morals Michelle Obama? Where are the mothers, the progressives, the purveyors of “women’s studies” programs, pediatricians, and child psychologists? There are none. There will be none.

This is now another brand to add to the boycott blogroll. The next time you see misandrist drivel, witness domestic violence, or watch a man being manhandled by his own children, remember that the brass hats at Pepsi's Frito-Lay division have given the sanction to do so. And because America (and the world) have kept silent, that is tacit agreement.


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