Monday, February 13, 2012

February 14th - OFF WITH ITS HEAD!

This is the second or third year running I am calling a total boycott on this most trumped-up, over-commercialized day in the entire year.
It is no more than a deceitful ploy to part men of their hard-earned dollars in splashing out gifts on entitlement whores.

These ungrateful sows will demand flowers, gifts, dinners, jewellery blah blah blah, gimme gimme gimme!
But then have the sheer naked temerity to rescind and call men "unnecessary".
(And by the way, the only correct response when faced with THAT kind of attitude is to tell the sow "FUCK OFF PIG!")

I call on ALL men, not just MRAs to publicly return the favour on February 14th, which I have since called "Nomance Day" after Marc Rudov, and tell these entitlement whore exactly what they are worth - NOTHING.
Also, since men are unnecessary, these creatures should spend February 14th dating themselves, with a cat and dildo thrown in. Or simply stick their entitled heads back into their great filthy cunts.
Where it rightfully belongs anyway.


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ScareCrow said...

Harsh and brutal.