Thursday, March 01, 2012

The Feminist Scorecard - V

Looking back over my old posts and backing them up, I noted with interest that I haven't done one of these in over two years!

What piqued my thoughts was a chance article on Yahoo Ireland, where my Yahoo! account is housed, of the jobless figure for females rising:
The number of women out of work for more than a year has soared by a fifth.
Official figures show the unemployment rate remained at 14.2% in February, with 439,422 people claiming benefits.
The Live Register revealed the overall number of people signing on dropped by 4,877 (1.1%) over the last year.
But while the number of male claimants dropped by 8,356 (2.9%) to 283,450, the amount of women on benefits rose by 3,479 (2.3%) to 155,972.
The number of women on the dole for more than 12 months also rose by 8,199 (19%), while the amount of men went up by 12,531 (10.4%).
The first thing that crossed my mind was that it were far better for these toads to be out of work than to employ them and pay them to do nothing. Which is exactly what happens when women work. Or do what they pass off as work - filing their nails, gassing in the pantry area/water cooler, applying their lipstick/powder, Facebooking/Tweeting, surfing for online bargains, fomenting rivalries, etc etc.

Corporate America has always postulated that these creatures can do everything that men can do. Only better. In that respect I agree - they are certainly superlative at running corporations into bankruptcy. Without a doubt, when a female CEO takes over, the organisation ossifies/decays/dies a painful death, or all three. If the likes of Cinda Hallman (Spherion), Marce Fuller (Mirant), Patricia Russo (Lucent Technologies), Andrea Jung (Avon), Anne Mulcahey (Xerox), Jill Barad (Mattel), Carol Bartz (Yahoo), Linda Wachner (Warneco) and Carly Fiorina (Hewlett-Packard) do not ring alarm bells, they certainly should! Without fail, every single one of these women CEOs either caused the company to bleed billions of dollars or run straight into bankruptcy (see this article and this article for further exposition).

Thus I maintain my stance that its for the best that these raddled asses are out of work, instead of constantly prating about their "eeeekwaleeteee", and then carping about how bad it is in the workforce when said "eeeekwaleeteee" is given to them. It has been said that this is "the dumbest generation"; when I see the femis, armed with their worthless degrees storm the workforce, I cannot but agree. It has also been observed that this group of femis are entitled, whiny, bitchy with grossed out egos - and those are their good points!

One can only wonder how America is blithely unaware that their impending ruin can be directly attributable to this.
Maybe they'll get it next time.


ScareCrow said...

Sounds exactly like where I work...

ray said...

One can only wonder how America is blithely unaware that their impending ruin can be directly attributable to this.

oh the u.s. is aware, it just doesnt care, b/c so far all the pain has been felt by men outside the female/elite-male alliance

those men and boys have no political power, and v little economic power and as such, are of zero interest

for now, life in the u.s. is stil quite good for females and the manlings that serve them

Maybe they'll get it next time.

there will be no next time for america