Thursday, March 22, 2012

Strong words

Reading MarkyMark's blog, I was extremely gratified to see that he has published my Art of Insulting Women post from two years ago a second time.

I was also amused to see two commenters take me to task via the post. One, who only signs off as CS, seems to thinls the insults are puerile. A quick check on the profile proved that "CS" is a female student from Texas, exactly as I suspected. The second signs off as "horsemachine" and, sounds like an opinonated windbag, extolling the cleverness of women. I pin both to be female femmie trolls and not worth even deigning to reply.

Which brings me to my main point. Since wit is not appreciated, even from literary giants like Shakespeare and masters of witticism like Churchill, the time is now ripe for strong language.

In future I shall not waste words on feminidiots. A "fuck off feminist sow" should suffice. Although even that may be a trifle too long for their limited brains. Just "fuck off pig" should do it.


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