Friday, August 09, 2013

Boycott KFC!

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has decided to jump on the feminist bandwagon - they think using violence will sell their new Hot Shot Bites like hotcakes.
Their lame excuse for this new product ad shows a woman trying the snack, then slapping a man across the face (!!)
Apparently the ad has already generated a shitstorm of complaints. KFC's reply, FWIW, is the sort of lame-ass fudging that answers and accomplishes nothing. One of KFC's attorneys even had the temerity to think that "the smack in the commercial was a metaphor with the smack of the flavor." He fell into a vapid silence when asked, point-blank if he found it acceptable were the roles to be reversed.
It should also be remembered that KFC have stirred controversy before, about 3 years ago, when they airily claimed that a bucket of chicken was all that was needed to silence an angry black mob.

This tasteless commercial has already aired and can been seen on Youtube too, although I haven't seen in Singapore. Yet.
But that's because I stopped watching TV anyway.
Here's the commercial - if you can abide to watch it.

What shall we do about this?
Can we do anything?
Hell, YES!! You can:
At the end of the day, what might actually work is the good old boycott.
Yes, you may say that we have threatened boycotts before but to no avail if the larger public keeps on patronising said products.
To me that's no big deal. KFC in Singapore is a salty, greasy, inedible mess nothing like what the good Colonel originally envisioned..
But think of the ripple effect - we who boycott tell people to do so, they go on to tell others and it should spread like wildfire.
Hopefully KFC will see their profits plunge and back down.
Oh and an apology would be nice, but that is as New Wave band China Crisis might say, its just wishful thinking.


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