Sunday, August 11, 2013

Stupid Thy Name Is Woman

I really thank Shakespeare for penning those immortal words.
Of course Shakespeare's original read "frailty", but that won't stop me from altering it slightly to fit the latest gaffe coming from the Empowered Womankind.

Here is the lovely Stephanie Bannister, who must now go down in history as the woman too stupid to differentiate beteween a country and a religion.
Yes. she is the one who thought Islam was a country, fudged the word "haram" (forbidden in Arabic) with the Koran, and thought Jesus was the object of worship in Judaism.

As my fellow blogger MarkyMark would say, you cannot make up such stonking stupidity - read the Islam Gaffe article on the BBC for yourself.

And this woman was running an election bid (!!!!).
She comes from the anti-immigration One Nation party.
The same party which, years ago, fielded Pauline Hanson - she of the fish-and-chip shop turned politican wannabe and had unripe tomatoes hurled at her when she tried to lionise the Aborigines.

Maybe this Bannister woman will get it next time.
Except there is no next time for such unremitting stupidity.



Anonymous said...

Roy Scott:
"She comes from the anti-immigrant One Nation Party."

She probably realizes that allowing foreign women into the country would make Anglo women's stupidity even more apparent to men; and the sexual value would go down even lower LOL

Aussie Realist said...

He's one for you:
Kerry Arch is the candidate for the Family First Party in my local constituency.
She is a SINGLE MOTHER who is campaigning for a party whose platform is about TRADITIONAL FAMILY VALUES.
She is a woman who kicked her husband out of the family home, but had him still pay the mortgage. She admits as much in her own webpage:

The whole point of the Family First party was that it recognised that intact families were missing out on government funding while groups like single mothers were soaking it all up.
Not always due to their own fault, but Kerry's story clearly wasn't like that.
Call her out about it and get slammed for hating on single mothers. I don't hate single mothers, I just think that an organisation that is supposed to represent and advocate for intact families shouldn't have a single mother BY CHOICE as its representative.
Doesn't matter much anyway, because it's very much a safe Labor seat, although I suspect that the integrity of the alternatives may have something to do with it.