Monday, September 28, 2009

The Face of a LIAR

Much has been written about the Hofstra rape case for me to expound it here. You can read all the delicious facts over at such seminal blogs as

What the press has succeeded, thus far, is bestowing victimhood on the false accuser, hiding her name and her picture. Now, thanks to the due diligence of MarkyMark, we know what she looks like and her name!

That's what she looks like and DANMELL NDONYE is her name. Take note, all, for that is the face of a liar. Danmell Ndonye had a five-man sex orgy in a college bathroom and later accused the 5 men she had sex with of rape. Although Danmell Ndonye later recanted (as usual), the writing is on the wall for the 5 men she falsely accused.

An interesting comment surfaced on The False Rape Society. There, someone said that Danmell Ndonye hadn't been punished as she had been punished enough. Think about it he said, Danmell Ndonye has been suspended from college and is unlikely that other colleges will now accept her, Danmell Ndonye has a bad rap, Danmell Ndonye won't be able to get a boyfriend, etc etc.

You know what? Tough shit! If Danmell Ndonye can't do any of the aforementioned things, then its Danmell Ndonye's own fault. If Danmell Ndonye has jeopardised the reputations of an entire reputation of African women, then its Danmell Ndonye's own fault. Danmell Ndonye should have considered these matters out of hand before making that accusation. I care not one whit about poetic justice. If Danmell Ndonye is a false accuser, then it is my duty to let the world know that Danmell Ndonye is to be avoided.

You might have noticed that I used Danmell Ndonye's name a great deal. I got that idea from MarkyMark. He, too, used Danmell Ndonye's name at every conceivable opportunity and I quote: "As a public service, I ... am posting here for the world to see; men need to KNOW what this sociopathic bitch looks like!! I think it's only fitting, since she didn't receive any punishment for her crime."

I may only one single man here in Singapore. But ... little things can, and do add up to large amounts. I can, and will make sure that Danmell Ndonye's name is trumpeted across this viral media we know as the Internet. I also will make sure that in using Danmell Ndonye's name, the search engines will pick it up and know what a detestable creature she is.


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