Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Femmie Ridicule

I am in the mood to ridicule something today, and femicunts are right in my line of sight.
I am also making good one of my new year resolutions - and that would be to fire as many potshots as I can into the enemy camp.
Like a sniper I can do damage. Not much since I am only one man in a far corner of the East. But I do what I can to help the cause.

So without further ado.
The following extracts were spotted from amongst the comments from a blog article entitled The 9 Ugliest Feminists in America.
If anyone does not believe the storm of hatred coming for the femmies, they better watch out! The backlash, when it (finally) comes, is going to be SPECTACULAR!
Let's not forget that men manufactured those M&Ms and the Ben&Jerry's that these little lardlettes feast upon.
No more sitting your fat ass on a pillow a man paid for, in a house he paid for, using food he bought to make him (and yourself) a sandwich so you could wax poetic about how hard you have it and sing sad songs of your oppression.
Which is very true. Today's femicunt bashes men and calls for male suppression from her (male invented) computer, run by (male discovered) electricity; she clothes her lardball body in (male-designed and male manufactured) clothes' gorges herself on (male-planted and male-harvested) food; lives and works in (male created and male designed) houses and buildings; then preaches her male hate from the (male invented) platform of the World Wide Web.

This is easy to counter. The next time a femistink, any femistink, bashes men, then turns around and expects you to do something for her, you stare her in the eye, utter the single word "Nope" and walk away. Or better still, tell her "Yo femicunt, do it yourself!" and walk away.


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