Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The face of a LIAR - Cecilia Sue

Take a good look at that face.
That is CECILIA SUE - Singapore's very own version of a hypocritical, feminidiot, scumbag liar.

She LIED about her business dealings.
She LIED about her relationship with Mr. Ng.
She LIED in her court testimony.
She LIED about her conduct.

Read the articles yourself:
  1. Questions raised over Cecilia Sue's 11 hours at CPIB
  2. Defence calls Cecilia Sue a liar
  3. Cecilia changes account of fifth tryst with Ng
  4. SMS messages from Cecilia Sue saved ex-CNB chief
  5. Cecilia Sue breaks down in court, insists she is telling "the truth"

There are more. But the five I have linked to are enough to manifest the web of lies this Sue woman spun in order to cover her own (smelly) ass.

And they say women don't lie.

Feminist cunts like her loudly proclaim women's minds are cleaner.
I agree ... because they change it more often.
Such was the case with the cunt'sSue's testimony - it was riddled with inconsistencies and fabrications; to the point the defence branded her a liar publicly in court.
Justice won out as Mr. Ng was acquitted.
And I'd like to see what happens to Sue now.


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Anonymous said...

It sounds like Singaporean women and American women are very much alike.

Maybe we should make Singapore the 51st US state and deport all our feminists there to make a colony together!