Friday, February 08, 2013

Girls Behaving Badly - (1)

I'm kicking off a new series to show the world, and any disbelieving parent, that their adorable princesses whom they imagine can do no wrong, are in reality evil Pieces of Shit completely capable of unedifying behaviour.

This came from Yahoo Ireland.

Not surprisingly, most of the comments single out the fact that had you stepped in to prevent such a thing from happening, you yourself would be either accused of sexual assault or slapped with an FRA. Which was why on crowded public transport in full view, no one stopped to help the girl. Bravo femtards, THIS is what your equality had come to. THIS is what your endless peregrinations have amounted to - horrific behaviour from aggressive, out-of-control women knowing they can't be held accountable.

The UK police have put out a call to name the girls responsible. My guess is that no one will for the expedient reason of protecting one's own skin. The same goes for the "name and shame" calls, no one will ever want to get involved with girls like these. Even if they do get caught, they will walk away with either community service or a reprimand. In the other words, The Pussy Pass will come to their rescue. Yet again.

Kudos then, to feminism. THIS is what your "grrrrrrllllllll POWAH" has achieved.

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Anonymous said...

"Adorable princesses whom they imagine can do no wrong"

Ever since I hit about my mid-teens or so, I've often wondered where all these 'adorable princesses' actually are. Everyone says NAWALT and that 'good women are all around you.' Funny how I never seemed to meet any, nor have many of my male relatives, friends, or associates.