Saturday, February 16, 2013

The worth of a woman

In the wake of Valentine's Day and its detritus, I asked myself - what is a modern woman worth?
Is she worth all the hype she makes herself out to be?

To answer that, we must look at what the modern woman brings, or attests to bring to the table:
  1. She's a LIAR (forever and always, AWALT)
  2. She can't cook
  3. She's filthy
  4. She's greedy and grasping
  5. She's entitled
  6. She plays the Pussy Pass (always)
  7. She trots out the Victim Mentality (all the time)
  8. She has ego (all the time)
  9. She's vain and arrogant (all the time)
  10. She has a hyper-inflated sense of self (all the time)
  11. She has less intelligence than a slug
  12. She's has STDs (probably)
  13. She's on medication for some psycho-somatic disorder (probably)
  14. She's selfish (all the time)
  15. She creates trouble (always)
The answer?
The modern woman is WORTH SHIT.
And she still thinks she's vastly superior to man.

Maybe she'll get it next time.
Only there'll be NO next time - because you must kick her to the curb and make sure you leave her there!

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