Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Ugly Face of Feminism - (2)

also known as Harriet Harm-The-Man, Harriet Harm-Man, Harriet the Harridan, Harriet/Hattie Har-Person, The Monomaniac, Mad Hattie, The Horrid Hormone, Har-Har, Hopeless Harriet, Harpie Harman
(She's absolutely gorgeous isn't she?)

Harriet Harman has been an influential politician in the UK's Labour Party for the past two decades.

Throughout this time she has been at the forefront of stirring up hatred towards men in order to garner the support of women by, essentially, spreading lies.

Indeed, she has actually been reprimanded by senior government officials for continually misleading the public over issues to do with rape and the alleged gender wage gap.

Her main tactic throughout her career has been to tell women persistently that they are forever being abused and cheated by men (sexually, financially, emotionally, physically etc) and that if they support her, she can protect them from these wicked men. Many of the highly unjust anti-male laws that now exist not only in the UK, but across the western world, are the direct result of her deceits and her dishonesty.

And there can be no doubt at all that she has been responsible for the breakdown of millions of families, countless suicides, rampant fatherlessness,the wrongful conviction of thousands of men, the burgeoning of the welfare state, the massive growth in government bureaucracy and the unwarranted intrusion into the private lives of millions of people.

Link to reprimand from judge regarding lies about rape conviction rate.

See also Harriet Harman Sucks for more information.

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